The Easy Steps Hoodie



Easy as pie, right? This Easy Steps hoodie from Threadless depicts the act of breakdancing in three simple stages. If you have trouble with the last step, designer Pascal Rivet says, “for those of you who may think they still need practice after that, I also give private dance lessons.” Get this hoodie for $40 over at Threadless!

Ambition Killed the Cat Hoodie


It’s true; ambition killed the cat. This awesome design is proof of that! According to the designer of this hoodie (via Threadless), “this is dedicated to Dudley, who is thankfully not stupid enough to go chasing birds on a wire.” I wonder what that means?? Hoodies are selling for only $25 over there right now, so grab one while you still can! Click here to learn more.

Living in Harmony Hoodie



The name of this hoodie is “Living in Harmony,” and we can’t think of a better name! The screen print features an acoustic and electric guitar split by a zipper. Both the old and the new are united in this hoodie from Threadless. Add to the fact that all hoodies are on sale for the holidays, and this is the perfect addition to your wardrobe..or a loved one’s! Grab one today for just $30 over at Threadless!

Juliet Fantasy Hoodie by Lim Heng Swee


karma2This stunning hoodie definitely deserves your attention! The Juliet fantasy hoodie was designed by Lim Heng Swee, who cited the poem “The Birth of a Butterfly” by Aline Martins when asked about the development of the image. It’s quite enrapturing and truly amazing, and you can get one for yourself for just $40 over at Threadless.

The Homework Evidence Sweatshirt



This hoodie is just too funny to pass up. It’s just the ticket for anyone who needs proof of an unfortunate incident. In the words of designer Glenn Jones,

Don’t really need to say much about this design, just one of those obvious themes that I hadn’t thought about before beacuse it’s so obvious. That’s why it works I guess. It was just important that the colour palette stayed as close to x-ray film as possible. A suggestion was made in the comments about using luminous ink with this, which I think could add to the theme.

Like all of the designs at Threadless, this screen print is lovingly made and ready to order. Get yours for $40 over at Threadless!

Damn Scientists! Hoodie


We’re busy laughing at another hoodie from Threadless, so join us, won’t you? 😛 For those who have trouble reading the text, here’s what it says:

“they lied to us
this was supposed to be the future
where is my jetpack,
where is my robotic companion,
where is my dinner in pill form,
where is my hydrogen fueled automobile,
where is my nuclear-powered levitating house,
where is my cure for this disease”

So true..I think we can all relate to this. The best thing is that the hoodie is selling for only $40 right now, so get one for yourself over at Threadless!

Baby Blue BFF Hoodie


Is this the image that comes to mind when you hear the acronym BFF (best friends forever)? It doesn’t for us either, but after seeing his hoodie, that could all change. Designed by Michael Hinkle, the baby blue pullover sweatshirt features a screen print image of men of several different faiths all getting along in perfect harmony. It’s a nice thought, isn’t it? Get one for yourself for just $25 over at Threadless!

Ele’paint Abstract Hoodie



We would be doing a disservice to our readers if we didn’t share this gorgeous new hoodie design. Entitled “ele’paint,” this beautiful image was created by Anwar Rafiee and depicts – what else? An elephant! The colors are amazingly vibrant and the hoodie is pure, spotless white. Get your own for $40 over at Threadless!

Funkalicious Hoodie Now On Sale



Funk is back in a big, big way. This Funkalicious hoodie by Christopher Golebiowski depicts a very happy astronaut bathed in the glow of his favorite tunes. A distinctly 80s style really makes this sweatshirt pop. These hoodies are now on sale for just $35 over at Threadless, so head on over and get one now!

Nuts! Hoodie



Nuts! That’s the name of this particular hoodie. Produced by Threadless, this design features a stick-up between two squirrels. In the words of designer Barn Babcock:

“Thanks all for the continuing purchase of “Nuts!” – the squirrels salute you! From the original grey we’ve now seen it reprinted several times including in yellow and now red + as a very cool Hoodie. It’s been ripped off quite a few times as well which makes me laugh considering the concept was from a pen doodle on a Post-it note by the phone!

I’ve seen fake low quality jpeg prints of it during my travels along Khao San Road in Bangkok (LOL very random!?) and spotted someone wearing it whilst out on a stag do in Las Vegas. Very big buzz. More designs coming soon. Cheers Threadless.”

You can view more hoodies by this designer at Otherwise, get this one for just $25 over at Threadless!