Stylish Wrap Jacket Hoodie


This hoodie wrap jacket is ready and waiting for you! Choose from black, deep pink, eggplant, navy, or olive for the main color, but no matter what you pick, you’ll still get the awesome peace sign in the center of the back. This 90% sueded cotton and 10% lycra piece can be purchased for an undisclosed amount over at Royal Plush!

Royal Plush Wrap Jacket Hoodie


This psychedelic wrap hoodie is all you need to keep warm during these cold winter months! Made of 90% sueded cotton and 10% lycra, this design comes in a wide range of colors. The above picture shows a pink/olive/eggplant design, but the rest of the choices all feature white mixed with black, eggplant, fuchsia, navy, or olive (you can also pick eggplant/olive). Learn more over at Royal Plush!

Royal Plush Wrap Hoodie Robe


This hoodie is so cool that we simply can’t resist showing it to you. The wrap hoodie robe/jacket/top comes in five different colors: black, deep pink, eggplant (pictured), navy, and olive. It features a tied front with pockets and a peace sign on the back. The fitted design is gorgeous, comfortable, and optimistically stylish. Learn more about this 90/10 sueded cotton lycra blend over at Royal Plush!

Embellished Bell Sleeves Velour Hoodie


The above image, posted on the Royal Plush website, pretty much says it all. This unique and fashionable hoodie was recently released as part of the Resort 2009 Lifestyle collection. It features crystal embellished bell sleeves and a long mid-thigh cut. It comes in four different colors: white, black, eggplant (pictured), and tie dye (!). Learn more about this exquisite velour piece over at Royal Plush!

Hoodie with Crystal Embellishment


Royal Plush has decided to include the above piece in their Resort 2009 Lifestyle collection. This hoodie is made of crinkle cotton and features a luxurious crystal embellishment. Pick from four different colors – white, black, deep pink, or eggplant – and slip into this high class fashion symbol. Just head over to Royal Plush to learn more!

Royal Plush Basic Hoodie Jacket

This basic hoodie jacket from Royal Plush is part of its Fall 2009 Active Wear Collection. It features the RP emblem on the front as well as a light to dark fade. You can choose from black, burgundy, olive, and chocolate for the base color. Learn more about this 90/10 sueded cotton spandex blend over at Royal Plush!

Royal Plush Wrap Hoodie Jacket


Lately we’ve had our eyes on this hoodie wrap jacket from Royal Plush. Very Hugh Hefner-esque, don’t you think? Made of 90% sueded cotton and 10% spandex, this hoodie comes with a wraparound belt and deep V front. It comes in several colors, including black, burgundy, olive, and chocolate. It looks comfy enough to be spa wear! Learn more over at Royal Plush!

New Hoodies From Royal Plush!

longAs we announced in an earlier post, Royal Plush has recently released several new lines for 2009. We wanted to highlight this gorgeous piece from their Fall 2009 Lifestyle collection. The deep purple hoodie features a long, asymmetrical cut in a soft and cozy fabric. Beautiful! A price isn’t posted, so feel free to contact the folks over at Royal Plush if you’d like to learn more!

Royal Plush Zip Front Hooded Jacket

royalRoyal Plush has just released some sketches for a new line of clothing! This snapshot is from the Fall 2009 Lifestyle collection, and it’s a series of sueded fleece zip front hooded jackets. You can see the symbol that will be printed across the front of each of them, which include coal, grey heather, mocoa, and olive backgrounds. Learn more over at Royal Plush!

Royal Plush’s Green Sailor Hoodie

There appears to be some new designs up over at Royal Plush, but we’re not sure because none of the collection titles have changed. If the website is correct, this hoodie is actually part of last year’s spring collection. Three weeks ago, a rep for RP left the following comment:

“our website will be updated within the next 2 weeks. check out our new Royal Plush Workout line available at Bloomingdale’s”

However, when we visited Bloomingdale’s website, Royal Plush wasn’t listed on the page of designers. There was a brand called Royal Underground, so perhaps they’re related. We also weren’t able to access the new online catalog due to the fact that you must be a wholesale retailer to view the pictures.

In any case, we’re still happy to bring this gorgeous design to you this week. It appears to be a short-sleeved green hoodie with some type of sailor theme. Gorgeous! Check it out for yourself over at Royal Plush.