50 Cent in a Gangsta Hoodie


Second generation gangsta 50 cent was spotted in a striped zip-up hoodie recently. 50 was heading to the Radio 1 studios in London when this pic was snapped. According to Pacific Coast News, this asshole was recently stated that “women are not to be trusted and are only after his money, which is not helped by his reported admission that he carries $25,000 in his back pocket at all times.” Wow, what a poor role model for hoodie wearers everywhere.

Via: Pacific Coast News

Wu Tang Clan’s Hoodied Rapper Sued


Check out this picture of Wu Tang Clan rapper Method Man wearing a red pullover hoodie under a swirled marshmallow vest. Method Man has been in the news recently for a lawsuit issued by a fan. Apparently, the rapper shot her six times with an air gun after she approached him for an autograph after a Houston show last year (!!). Now that’s crazy!

Via: Splash News

Mariah Carey’s Beefy Hoodie


Thank God, Mariah is finally covering up! Too bad it took a faux revenge outfit to do it. Mariah Carey recently filmed the video for her single “Obsessed” looking distinctly like Detroit rapper Eminem. The getup and lyrics were a response to Eminem’s previous attacks on Mariah. All I know is that I’m thankful I don’t have to see her oafish body this time.

Via: Splash News