The Original Neighborhoodie


This is the hoodie that started it all. Pick a hoodie and pick your font. Pick the color of the fabric and the color of the text. Don’t forget to pick out your neighborhood, of course! Here’s what the Neighborhoodies founder has to say 8 years after debuting his design:

Only Neighborhoodies hand-stitches your order just for you, and we do it in our Brooklyn studio. To celebrate the original concept — your neighborhood, your favorite hoodie, together at last — we’ve rolled back the prices to 2002 to let you represent.

Very cool. Order yours now for $49.99 over at Neighborhoodies!

Children’s Quirky Twizzler Hoodie


Neighborhoodies isn’t just about adults – it’s about kids too! These twizzler hoodies are perfect for your little ones. This 100% cotton zip-up hoodie is a must have for anybody who may not be tall enough to see above the counter. From the hipster toddler scene to the disaffected pre-teen set, the Twizzler covers it all in a blanket of sheer cool. Get one for just $24.99 from Neighborhoodies!

I Feel Evil Creeping In Hoodie


According to Neighborhoodies, “The band Islands mean two things to us: 1) face paint 2) awesomeness.” We’re not really sure what this means, but it must have something to do with song lyrics. This was a Wednesday “Think Up” by Earfarm, and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Farm Sanctuary, which strives to end cruelty towards farm animals. Grab your hoodie for just $44.99 over at Neighborhoodies!

This Video is No Longer Available Hoodie


The team over at Neighborhoodies runs several different specials at one time or another. This was designed to be part of the Idolator “Think Up” series a year ago, which raised money for the Cameroon Wildlife Aid Fund. Lucky for us, it’s still mighty entertaining today! We’re all familiar with that sinking feeling that accompanies the message “this video is no longer available.” Let’s commemorate it with a sweatshirt, shall we? Only $44.99 from Neighborhoodies!

Corporate Rock Still Sells Hoodie


We’ve got some bad news for you..corporate rock still sells. This hoodie is clearly a testament to this fact. And according to Neighborhoodies,

All proceeds from the Idolator line of Think-Ups will be donated to the Cameroon Wildlife Aid Fund. Neighborhoodies and the Idolator staff would love to donate money to the volunteer workers providing care to Cameroonian wildlife. Pick up a T-shirt or hoodie and join in! Choose between 1,200 color combos.

It’s catchy, pointed, and witty. It’s also pretty darn cool. We’re sold! Get yours for $44.99 over at Neighborhoodies!

The Woolverette Hoodie


Our hoodie of the day on this beautiful Wednesday is the Woolverette hoodie from Neighborhoodies. I’ll let the website do the talking.

The Big Kahuna. The Head Honcho. The hoodie to end all hoodies. Presenting The Woolverette: A multi-layered women’s hoodie that takes the design of The Classic and gives you more of what you love and need–warmth–without the hassle of fur-trapping.

On the outside, it’s durable and thick. On the inside, it’s lined with a super-soft and super-warm poly-cotton blend; perfect for that extra coat of fur for the winter season. A true mountaineer would be proud.

Of course, like all Neighborhoodies, you have several customizable options to consider. You can use the patented Hoodie-O-Matic system on the website to do so. Get the Woolverette for $44.99 over at Neighborhoodies!

Blobber the Hut Hoodie


If you’re wondering what this image means, here’s what Neighborhoodies has to say about it:

“Ever since they started offering broadband on tattoine, Jaba has dominated the blogging community.”

We like the premise. Not only is it hilarious, you can also choose the color of the hoodie it’s printed on. Win! Get one for $39.99 over at Neighborhoodies.

The Scarlet Letter Hoodie


Just the description of this hoodie made us laugh:

Not many people know this but The Scarlet Letter was actually a book first . . . . . .

Bringing the old literary classic back in style, the red letter A printed on a carefully chosen hoodie (you can choose from over 1200 color combinations) can definitely ramp up your sense of style. Just go for a high-contrast design, like a brown letter on a baby blue hoodie, and you can’t go wrong! Get it for just $39.99 over at Neighborhoodies!

Pumpkin Pie Hoodie


Fall is just around the corner, and so are the sweet smells of pumpkin pie! This Pumpkin Pie design from Neighborhoodies is the perfect way to usher in everyone’s favorite season. This cool image can be printed on a pullover hoodie in the color of your choice. Choose from over 1,200 color combos! Get one for yourself for just $39.99 over at Neighborhoodies.

Ironic Rachael Ray Hoodie


This Ironic Ray design from Neighborhoodies invites us to ask you what YOU think the phrase is referring to. The only hint we can offer is in the words of the team at Neighborhoodies:

“Rachel Ray making Mc Families out of each and every one of us, (golf clap) BRAVO!”

So what do you think that means? In any case, you can get this image printed on a hoodie of your choice for just $39.99. Learn more over at Neighborhoodies!