Monster Kun Hoodie


Almost all of the merchandise over at MonsterHoodies is sold out, and they’re also featuring a huge sale..maybe a going out of business sale? In any case, this is one of the few designs we could find that was still in stock. Get this Monster Kun hoodie with hand-sewed teeth and googly eyes for only $35 over at MonsterHoodies!

Red Meanie Hoodie Fails to Impress


The folks over at have been under fire recently for not updating their inventory. How long can we be amused by a simple zip-up sweatshirt outfitted with glued eyes and teeth? Has enough time gone by that we’re ready for something new? One thing is for sure: this company is not interested in pleasing its customers. For this reason, it makes sense that all hoodies have been reduced to just $35 over at MonsterHoodies.

Shark Hoodies on Sale


MonsterHoodies was shut down for what seemed like forever (2 months? 3 months?), but now we know why. They were re-stocking their inventory for the Christmas rush, and all items are now on SALE! That’s right, hoodies like the one above are now only $35 instead of $50. Get your shark hoodie from the folks over at MonsterHoodies pronto!

The Official Appeal to Monster Hoodies

Here at In The Hoodie, we’re pretty much in mourning. We’re disappointed that every time we try to feature a Monsterhoodie, we’re shot down. The following message discourages us on a regular basis:

“We’re doing some maintenance. Check back soon.

This message really, really sucks, especially for those of us who follow the Monsterhoodie posts. Please come back to us, we’re begging you! On behalf of hoodie enthusiasts everywhere, we’re counting on your every move.

Bape Black Shark Hoodie


We’re sure you’ve seen this hoodie prowling around. It turns out that Monsterhoodies isn’t the only company that makes a shark hoodie! This design from BapeMall forms a shark head when zipped to the top. In true Bape fashion, it includes ribbed knit sleeve cuffs and hem and heavyweight fabric lining. Get yours for $89.99 over at BapeMall!

The Purple People Eater Hoodie


This hoodie eats people. Seriously! Can’t you tell from the photo? The Purple People Eater hoodie from Monsterhoodies comes complete with hand-sewn teeth and googly eyes fashioned onto the hood. An American Apparel flex fleece zip hoodie is used for the “body” of this creature, making it quite a standout design. Get it for $49.99 over at Monsterhoodies!

Monster Kun Hoodie


Watch out, cause this hoodie bites! Quite literally, in fact. The Monster Kun hoodie from Monsterhoodies appears above in all of its decked out glory, which includes teeth and googly eyes hand-sewn onto a brown American Apparel fleece zip hoodie. This design is so popular that mediums are sold out right now..bummer. Reserve yours fast for just $49.99 over at Monsterhoodies!

Watch Out for the Monster Kun Hoodie!

Monster Kun

You’d better watch out, or this hoodie just might eat you up. The Monster Kun hoodie from MonsterHoodies features lovable teeth and googly eyes hand-sewn onto an American Apparel unisex California fleece zip hoodie. This product is fully adorable and guaranteed by the folks over at MonsterHoodies. Get yours at their website for just $49.99!