Embellished Bell Sleeves Velour Hoodie


The above image, posted on the Royal Plush website, pretty much says it all. This unique and fashionable hoodie was recently released as part of the Resort 2009 Lifestyle collection. It features crystal embellished bell sleeves and a long mid-thigh cut. It comes in four different colors: white, black, eggplant (pictured), and tie dye (!). Learn more about this exquisite velour piece over at Royal Plush!

New Hoodies From Royal Plush!

longAs we announced in an earlier post, Royal Plush has recently released several new lines for 2009. We wanted to highlight this gorgeous piece from their Fall 2009 Lifestyle collection. The deep purple hoodie features a long, asymmetrical cut in a soft and cozy fabric. Beautiful! A price isn’t posted, so feel free to contact the folks over at Royal Plush if you’d like to learn more!