Lily Allen’s Crocheted Hoodie


24-year-old singer Lily Allen was spotted in this gorgeous grey hoodie/shawl the other day. The crocheted design sure looks warm! Allen is rumored to be moving out of her North London home for a $2.1 million dollar country cottage. She recently quit music and has moved on to being an actress and launching a record label.

Via: Splash News

50 Cent in a Gangsta Hoodie


Second generation gangsta 50 cent was spotted in a striped zip-up hoodie recently. 50 was heading to the Radio 1 studios in London when this pic was snapped. According to Pacific Coast News, this asshole was recently stated that “women are not to be trusted and are only after his money, which is not helped by his reported admission that he carries $25,000 in his back pocket at all times.” Wow, what a poor role model for hoodie wearers everywhere.

Via: Pacific Coast News

Gwen Stefani’s Little One Bundles Up in a Hoodie


Gwen Stefani was seen taking her littlest tot, Zuma, into her London home yesterday. She gave on-lookers quite a scare when she almost lost her footing and dropped him! But all was well in the end, and no one got hurt. We’re not sure whether Zuma’s pants are just stained or are supposed to be like that, but his baby Uggs and toddler hoodie are adorable!

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Russell Brand Reveals his Chest Hair in a Hoodie


A scrawny and ungroomed Russell Brand was spotted arriving at his London home after a trip to the gym. Brand is known for being odd and slightly eccentric, so maybe he’s trying to bulk up for his new girlfriend, who happens to be singing hottie Katy Perry? His first lesson in attractiveness should be putting an undershirt between his workout hoodie and hairy chest.

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Britney Spears’ Brown Hoodie Set


The gorgeous and talented Britney Spears was spotted wearing this velour track suit in London. Brit is on her worldwide Circus tour, and in my opinion, she’s never looked more beautiful. Her hair is cute, her shades are up to date, and her outfit matches – what more do you people want?! Just kidding. But we do love her awesome duds and hope that people take her seriously this time around.


Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz’s Matching Hoodies

It looks like the king of hoodies, Pete Wentz, has converted his wife to the trend as well. He and Ashlee Simpson were seen cavorting around London last night along with their newborn baby Harlow. They were seen at Splash, which is right by the venue that Fall Out Boy was playing at last night, the O2 Arena. Pete’s hoodie was black, while Ashlee’s was sparkly red. They both look adorable, but Pete should really fix his eye makeup – it looks like a black eye.

Via: Splash News

Spike Lee Shows Off Obama Hoodie

Big-time movie director Spike Lee arrived at the Times BFI London Film Festival last week wearing this Hope: Barack Obama hoodie. Lee was one of the many celebs to show up at the Miracle of St. Anna premiere in London, England, and completed the casual look with wide-rimmed glasses and a Yankees baseball hat. We love the use of hoodies to make political statements, and Lee’s wardrobe definitely makes a strong statement.