Hugh Jackman Wears Hoodies Too!


If the suave Hugh Jackman can wear a hoodie and still look classy, there is definitely hope for the rest of us! This pic was snapped after Hugh got a sharp new haircut, and his clean gray zip-up hoodie looks great with its white drawstrings. The actor recently released a statement that a new Wolverine movie will be shot in Japan, set to release in late 2011.

Via: Splash News

Tea Collection Boys’ Kurume Hooded Pullover


It’s been too long since we featured a children’s hoodie, so this design comes at the perfect time! (Where are all those cute baby hoodies, designers?) This Kurume hooded pullover from Tea Collection is named after Kurume, Japan, a city known for its beauty. The bold, colorful stripe sweatshirt is casual and comfortable, as you can tell from the sprout in the picture above. This makes it perfect for layering! Get it for ONLY $29 over at Hoodie People for a limited time!