This Video is No Longer Available Hoodie


The team over at Neighborhoodies runs several different specials at one time or another. This was designed to be part of the Idolator “Think Up” series a year ago, which raised money for the Cameroon Wildlife Aid Fund. Lucky for us, it’s still mighty entertaining today! We’re all familiar with that sinking feeling that accompanies the message “this video is no longer available.” Let’s commemorate it with a sweatshirt, shall we? Only $44.99 from Neighborhoodies!

Corporate Rock Still Sells Hoodie


We’ve got some bad news for you..corporate rock still sells. This hoodie is clearly a testament to this fact. And according to Neighborhoodies,

All proceeds from the Idolator line of Think-Ups will be donated to the Cameroon Wildlife Aid Fund. Neighborhoodies and the Idolator staff would love to donate money to the volunteer workers providing care to Cameroonian wildlife. Pick up a T-shirt or hoodie and join in! Choose between 1,200 color combos.

It’s catchy, pointed, and witty. It’s also pretty darn cool. We’re sold! Get yours for $44.99 over at Neighborhoodies!