Hugh Jackman Wears Hoodies Too!


If the suave Hugh Jackman can wear a hoodie and still look classy, there is definitely hope for the rest of us! This pic was snapped after Hugh got a sharp new haircut, and his clean gray zip-up hoodie looks great with its white drawstrings. The actor recently released a statement that a new Wolverine movie will be shot in Japan, set to release in late 2011.

Via: Splash News

Hugh Jackman’s Daughter in a Banana Yellow Hoodie


Hugh Jackman was seen talking a walk with his daughter Ava in New York City on Tuesday. Try to divert your attention away from the nut job selling “Obama condoms” and check out Ava’s fall garb. She’s wearing a banana yellow hoodie (to match her ice cream cone, we imagine) paired with jeans and cute shiny shoes. Hopefully she didn’t hear too much of her father’s conversation in this pic!

Via: Splash News

Hugh Jackman in a Hoodie

Actor Hugh Jackman was seen tromping through Manhattan on Thursday in this black zip-up althletic hoodie. The well-known star strode through the West Village on the way to breakfast, and then enjoyed a rigorous early-morning workout. Of course, the star also gets exercise by running his little daughter Ava to school some days – how sweet. Looking great, Hugh!

Via: Splash News