Kate Beckinsale Buys Hoodies for her Daughter


Even Kate Beckinsale’s daughter wears hoodies! The mother/daughter duo were spotted heading to Fred Segal in Santa Monica for some mid-day shopping. Kate’s daughter, Lily Sheen, appears to have on a gray zip-up hoodie and leggings, along with black boots, while Kate matches her in a black jacket, leggins (or skinny jeans?) and high heels. Better hurry up, ladies, the lunch hour will be over soon!

Via: Splash News

Doug Reinhardt in Another Hoodie


Okay. The bad news is that Doug Reinhardt and Paris Hilton are still together. The GOOD news is that Doug is still sticking to his trademark hoodies! In the above picture, you can see that Doug is sporting a sexy fitted navy blue pullover hoodie. He and Paris just came from shopping at Fred Segal’s in Beverly Hills, and they’re apparently moving out of the Hollywood Hills after several neighbors complained of the noise and paparazzi.  Yikes.

Via: Splash News