Ecko Puzzle Stacker Hoodie


The Ecko Puzzle Stacker hoodie is based around a retro design. The Ecko Unltd. logo pattern is repeated to form a busy but orderly screen print, and the fabric color can be switched to white if desired. A zipper down the front and split kangaroo pockets add a traditional feel to the piece, and the stripes on the sleeve cuffs and hem highlight its assets perfectly. Get this 80/20 cotton poly blend for $58 over at Ecko!

Ecko Reversible Coat of Arms Hoodie


The description printed on the Ecko website describes this hoodie perfectly:

You can have whatever you like. This Ecko hoodie has a large crest design in front on one side; embossed faux suede on the the other. Zip-front with hood, kangaroo pocket, striped rib knit sleeve cuffs and hem. Fully lined and plumped with polyester fiberfill.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves! Grab this 80/20 cotton poly blend for $88 over at Ecko!

Eminently Ecko Hoodie

eckoThis hoodie is coincidentally somewhat Michael Jackson-esque. The front features an embossed nylon logo that creates the illusion of a blocked design. Jacket-inspired elements include a bungee cord and toggle on the hood, zip-pockets and zip-cuffs, and elasticized sleeve cuffs and waist. Get this cool design for $78 over at Ecko!

Ecko Other Ground Hoodie

ecko1This stark white hoodie is the perfect neutral piece for any fashion-conscious man’s warddrobe. The front image depicts claws and Ecko logo designs accented with gold foil. The inside lining is black, which serves as a stark contrast to the outside material. Overall a great hoodie! Get this awesome 80/20 cotton poly blend fall jacket for $78 over at Ecko!

Ecko Resounding Fleece Hoodie


Ecko’s done it again! This Resounding Fleece Hoodie is beyond cool, featuring an allover graffiti print that will keep you warm through fall AND winter. The contrast lining is striking, and the pockets and adjustable drawstring hood are just the icing on the cake. Are you ready for all of the cold nights that lie ahead? Get this for yourself for $78 over at Ecko!

Ecko Majestic Reversible Hoodie


We couldn’t take our eyes off this amazing hoodie the first time we saw it. The Majestic Reversible Hoodie from Ecko is, at the same time, ornately decorated and irrefutably well-made. From the above image, you can see that one side features a dark background and gold foil screen print. The other side showcases a foil allover print with metallic piping. This 80/20 cotton poly blend is selling for $98 right now (with FREE shipping for all orders over $100), so check it out for yourself over at Ecko!

Ecko In Business Hoodie


This full zip-front hoodie is bright blue with contrasting orange hood lining. If you don’t like the color combo, it’s also available in black and red! The front features an Ecko Unltd. Company logo, while the sleeves display a stripe and the infamous rhino. It comes with an adjustable drawstring hood, two pockets, and rib knit sleeve cuffs and hem as well. Get this 80/20 cotton poly blend for $68 over at Ecko!

Ecko Central Element Hoodie


This hot baby blue hoodie is nothing short of a show stopper. The iconic rhino and Ecko Unltd. logo are printed across the front, and the sleek zip front also includes an adjustable drawstring hood with striped rib knit sleeve cuffs and hem. This 80/20 cotton poly blend is selling for just $68 over at Ecko, so what are you waiting for?