Custom Star Studded Sweatshirt


A very merry Christmas to our Christian followers! We hope the holiday finds you in good cheer. On this special day, we’re featuring a custom star studded sweatshirt from Custom Glam Girl. This hoodie allows you to choose the color of the fabric, color of the ink, and the words that are printed across the front. Think of the choices! This hoodie is also on sale for $27.64 right now, so grab one over at Custom Glam Girl!

Custom What’s Your Statement Hoodie


What’s your statement? Whatever it is, it can be on the front of this hoodie with just a click of a button! Pick the color of the fabric and text and then send your phrase in to Customized Glam Girl. They’ll take care of the rest! I think I’m going custom with my Christmas gifts this year. Get it at the low sale price of $23.69 over at Custom Glam Girl!

Glam Girl Custom Two-Tone Hoodie


Our friends over at Customized Glam Girl have done it again! This may appear to be a simple pullover hoodie, but we love the double entendre of the sample picture. Who doesn’t remember Bayside High from the iconic 90s series Saved by the Bell? And how can you resist this simple design, which allows you to customize the color of the letters, letter border, and hoodie itself? If it seems to be too good to be true, get one for yourself for just $39.99 over at Customized Glam Girl.

Neighborhoodies Kids’ Twizzler Hoodie

Check out this kids’ Twizzler hoodie from Neighborhoodies! This mini version of the Classic Lite is specifically designed for children 2 to 12 years old, and is made of 100% cotton. You have the option of choosing whether the hoodie is pressed, stitched, or “fuzzy wuzzy,” but no matter which style you go with, the arrows on the side ensure that your child will be the coolest kid on the playground. Get one for just $24.99 over at Neighborhoodies!