Tea Collection Sno Flugen Kids’ Hoodie


This beautiful children’s hoodie is the perfect gift for your little niece or granddaughter. The Sno Flugen hoodie by Tea Collection features a Scandinavian-style bird on soft knit fabric. The shirred collar is light purple, which matches the milk-colored fabric perfectly. At just $32, you can easily get this hoodie from the good folks over at Hoodie People!

Tea Collection Boys’ Kurume Hooded Pullover


It’s been too long since we featured a children’s hoodie, so this design comes at the perfect time! (Where are all those cute baby hoodies, designers?) This Kurume hooded pullover from Tea Collection is named after Kurume, Japan, a city known for its beauty. The bold, colorful stripe sweatshirt is casual and comfortable, as you can tell from the sprout in the picture above. This makes it perfect for layering! Get it for ONLY $29 over at Hoodie People for a limited time!

The Young One Hoodie

The folks over at Neighborhoodies have finally found a solution for the ‘tween age – the “young one” hoodie. According to their staff,

“When Junior has graduated from his Snuggler, look into getting him a Young One–our new zipperless hoodie for kids 8-14. This is for “big kids”: the XL-sized Young One is only slightly smaller than our Woman’s Zipperless, so make sure to choose your sizing accordingly. Available in a veritable array of flashy colors.”

Wow, sounds good to us. Choose your own fully customizable Young One hoodie for $24.99 over at Neighborhoodies!