Ambition Killed the Cat Hoodie


It’s true; ambition killed the cat. This awesome design is proof of that! According to the designer of this hoodie (via Threadless), “this is dedicated to Dudley, who is thankfully not stupid enough to go chasing birds on a wire.” I wonder what that means?? Hoodies are selling for only $25 over there right now, so grab one while you still can! Click here to learn more.

The Skelanimals Black And Red Kit Cat Heart Hoodie

This hoodie is so versatile – it could be an everyday fashion piece, themed item, or even a Halloween costume! The Skelanimals black and red kit cat heart hoodie is a short-sleeved, zip-up hoodie complete with sexy red kitten ears. A large heart applique on the front withsurrounds Kit Cat’s face, along with a red and black striped outline and black ruffle trim. And here’s the best part – the back features a removable tail! Wayyyy too cute. Get one for yourself for just $44 over at Hot Topic!