Baby Beckham Sports a White Hoodie


Even the Beckhams dress their children in hoodies! The above picture was snapped as the family returned home from the UK after the holidays. Once in LA, the Beckhams chose to dress their son in a stark white zip-up hoodie as they swiftly ushered their children through the airport. Is this group down-to-earth or what?


Children’s Quirky Twizzler Hoodie


Neighborhoodies isn’t just about adults – it’s about kids too! These twizzler hoodies are perfect for your little ones. This 100% cotton zip-up hoodie is a must have for anybody who may not be tall enough to see above the counter. From the hipster toddler scene to the disaffected pre-teen set, the Twizzler covers it all in a blanket of sheer cool. Get one for just $24.99 from Neighborhoodies!

Tea Collection Bjorn Sweater Hoodie


The holidays are over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still get a nice warm sweater hoodie for that little guy in your life! This Bjorn hoodie from Tea Collection is made from 100% extra soft Pima cotton and comes in the color Spruce with yellow-lined trim. Get it on sale for just $39 over at Hoodie People!

Shark Hoodies on Sale


MonsterHoodies was shut down for what seemed like forever (2 months? 3 months?), but now we know why. They were re-stocking their inventory for the Christmas rush, and all items are now on SALE! That’s right, hoodies like the one above are now only $35 instead of $50. Get your shark hoodie from the folks over at MonsterHoodies pronto!

Kate Beckinsale Buys Hoodies for her Daughter


Even Kate Beckinsale’s daughter wears hoodies! The mother/daughter duo were spotted heading to Fred Segal in Santa Monica for some mid-day shopping. Kate’s daughter, Lily Sheen, appears to have on a gray zip-up hoodie and leggings, along with black boots, while Kate matches her in a black jacket, leggins (or skinny jeans?) and high heels. Better hurry up, ladies, the lunch hour will be over soon!

Via: Splash News

The Gosselin Kids in Hoodies

Kate Gosselin

Before the snow hit Reading, Pennsylvania this week, the Gosselin family was spotted taking a nice leisurely walk to Dunkin Donuts. Kate picked up some coffee for herself and donuts for the kids, who were dressed in adorable little children’s hoodies. We especially like the white polka dotted sweatshirts on the girls.

Via: INF Daily

Gwen Stefani’s Little One Bundles Up in a Hoodie


Gwen Stefani was seen taking her littlest tot, Zuma, into her London home yesterday. She gave on-lookers quite a scare when she almost lost her footing and dropped him! But all was well in the end, and no one got hurt. We’re not sure whether Zuma’s pants are just stained or are supposed to be like that, but his baby Uggs and toddler hoodie are adorable!

Via: Splash News

Hugh Jackman’s Daughter in a Banana Yellow Hoodie


Hugh Jackman was seen talking a walk with his daughter Ava in New York City on Tuesday. Try to divert your attention away from the nut job selling “Obama condoms” and check out Ava’s fall garb. She’s wearing a banana yellow hoodie (to match her ice cream cone, we imagine) paired with jeans and cute shiny shoes. Hopefully she didn’t hear too much of her father’s conversation in this pic!

Via: Splash News

Tea Collection Sno Flugen Kids’ Hoodie


This beautiful children’s hoodie is the perfect gift for your little niece or granddaughter. The Sno Flugen hoodie by Tea Collection features a Scandinavian-style bird on soft knit fabric. The shirred collar is light purple, which matches the milk-colored fabric perfectly. At just $32, you can easily get this hoodie from the good folks over at Hoodie People!

James Wilke’s Kiddie Hoodie


Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker was spotted walking her son James Wilke to school in NYC the other day. Apparently, dad Matthew Broderick was in France at the American Film Festival of Deauville. James was clad in red sneakers and a matching zip-up hoodie and SJP looked gorgeous, as usual. James is such a cute little guy – his hoodie is definitely befitting!