Jessica Alba and Cash Warren Celebrate a Hoodie


First-time parents and newlyweds Jessica Alba and Cash Warren were seen strolling down the street together recently. For the outing, Cash sported a brown pullover hoodie (which appears to be made out of wool) paired with plaid brown flats and blue jeans. From this picture it looks like rumors of Cash’s infidelity have gotten to the couple, as Jessica looks decidedly closed off with her crossed arms and dowdy get-up. Perhaps they need a good round of marriage counseling!


2 thoughts on “Jessica Alba and Cash Warren Celebrate a Hoodie

  1. It has come to our attention that a (former) disgruntled intern was impersonating me and others at Crooked Brook by posting rude and disparaging comments on forums and blogs with links back to our site.
    We have no idea how long this was going on and we apologize if anybody was offended.


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  2. Oh no! How unfortunate. Well that does clear up a few things. We’re just happy to know that you’re not mad at us. =)

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