Bape Hoodie 032

bape2This sweatshirt goes by the moniker “Bape Hoodie 032? over at Bape Mall. Regardless of its banal moniker, this hoodie features a really cool design! The camo effect is fiercely combative, but at the same time fashionable and understated – all in all, a great addition to any wardrobe! Get yours for $89.99 over at Bape Mall.

Living in Harmony Hoodie



The name of this hoodie is “Living in Harmony,” and we can’t think of a better name! The screen print features an acoustic and electric guitar split by a zipper. Both the old and the new are united in this hoodie from Threadless. Add to the fact that all hoodies are on sale for the holidays, and this is the perfect addition to your wardrobe..or a loved one’s! Grab one today for just $30 over at Threadless!

Royal Plush Wrap Hoodie Robe


This hoodie is so cool that we simply can’t resist showing it to you. The wrap hoodie robe/jacket/top comes in five different colors: black, deep pink, eggplant (pictured), navy, and olive. It features a tied front with pockets and a peace sign on the back. The fitted design is gorgeous, comfortable, and optimistically stylish. Learn more about this 90/10 sueded cotton lycra blend over at Royal Plush!

Adam Lambert Hides Behind a Hoodie


Considering his recent press, it’s understandable that Adam Lambert would decide to hide under a hoodie as he walked into The Late Show with David Letterman. It’s a great tactic, really! Adam chose to dress in all black, including a black hoodie and fingernails. Hopefully he will be able to escape the negative articles and rise above the curse of Hollywood!

Via: Splash News

Doug Reinhardt in Another Hoodie


Okay. The bad news is that Doug Reinhardt and Paris Hilton are still together. The GOOD news is that Doug is still sticking to his trademark hoodies! In the above picture, you can see that Doug is sporting a sexy fitted navy blue pullover hoodie. He and Paris just came from shopping at Fred Segal’s in Beverly Hills, and they’re apparently moving out of the Hollywood Hills after several neighbors complained of the noise and paparazzi.  Yikes.

Via: Splash News

Reese Witherspoon in a Workout Hoodie


The beautiful Reese Witherspoon was spotted wearing a casual gray zip-up hoodie while walking home from her local Brentwood gym recently. She’s been working on a new movie recently – does anyone remember the title? She’s looking healthy and happy with her long-term love Jake Gyllenhaal. She also manages to make gym hoodies attractive somehow in the process.

Via: The Skinny Website

This Video is No Longer Available Hoodie


The team over at Neighborhoodies runs several different specials at one time or another. This was designed to be part of the Idolator “Think Up” series a year ago, which raised money for the Cameroon Wildlife Aid Fund. Lucky for us, it’s still mighty entertaining today! We’re all familiar with that sinking feeling that accompanies the message “this video is no longer available.” Let’s commemorate it with a sweatshirt, shall we? Only $44.99 from Neighborhoodies!

Embellished Bell Sleeves Velour Hoodie


The above image, posted on the Royal Plush website, pretty much says it all. This unique and fashionable hoodie was recently released as part of the Resort 2009 Lifestyle collection. It features crystal embellished bell sleeves and a long mid-thigh cut. It comes in four different colors: white, black, eggplant (pictured), and tie dye (!). Learn more about this exquisite velour piece over at Royal Plush!

The Metro Jungle Hoodie



We can always trust Karmaloop to bring us the freshest new fashions, and today’s selection is no exception. The Metro Jungle hoodie was designed by tokidoki, and features gorgeous metallic screen print figures on the front. Turn it over for full view of the hood, which splits to form wings that display a colorful pattern. The whole sweatshirt is held together with a beautiful gold zipper. Get it for yourself for $75 over at Karmaloop!

Pink Banana Zip-up Hoodie


So cute, so comfy, it’s almost unbelievable! But yet, it stands before us to be worn, enjoyed, and admired. This hoodie from Hot Topic features a wide, smiling banana on a luscious pink background. The words “Let’s go” are  placed in screen print across the front. Original, eye-catching, and wearable – everything that we look for in a hoodie. Get yours for only $32 over at Hot Topic!