Gabriel Aubry Dons a Preppy Hoodie


Models Agyness Deyn and Gabriel Aubry were spotted working a job in Manhattan last week. Part of Aubry’s ensemble included a grey hoodie, which appeared to include mint-colored stripes to match the adjoining pants. Wow. I will never understand fashion. At least he’s wearing a zip-up hoodie; it could be worse, I guess.


Samantha Ronson Sports a Retro Hoodie


What should we make of this hoodie worn by Lindsay Lohan’s ex Samantha Ronson? It looks like it says the word KREIN in 80s graffiti-style fashion, but we’re not hip enough to recognize the name. If anyone would like to clue us in on this design, it would be much appreciated. This pic was snapped over the weekend while Sam was hanging out with her cousin Annabelle in SoHo.


Another Hoodie from Doug Reinhardt


Remember Doug Reinhardt, Paris Hilton’s D-list boyfriend? He’s been spotted in a hoodie yet again! I guess it makes sense that if you aren’t pulling in the big bucks, you’re not going to walk around in Armani all day. Anywho, this navy blue partial-zip hoodie appears to be one of Nike’s creations. Doug apparently has no regard for the sweatshop strategies used to make these clothes, but I suppose it’s in vogue right now to disregard racial oppression. Good going, Reinhardt!

Via: Splash News

Pegasus Sleeveless Hoodie


The Pegasus sleeveless hoodie by tokidoki is the perfect addition to any summer wardrobe. It features an allover multicolor screenprint, metal logo zip hardware, and hot contrast hood lining. The multicolored drawcord and dual embroidery on the chest are pretty unique to the hoodie world. You can get this 98/2 cotton spandex blend for $79 over at Karmaloop!

Jessica Louise Pink And Red Tiger Hoodie


We’re always a fan of hoodies with ears attached to the hood, but this one is hot enough to stand on its own. The Jessica Louise pink and red tiger hoodie is a short-sleeved design with a zip-up front. Tiger stripes, pyramid studs on the pouch pockets, a blue kitty patch, and a heart and crossed keys patch only serve to make this hoodie more desirable. Get this guy for only $34 exclusively at Hot Topic!

Upper Playground Patrick Martinez Palm Reader Hoodie


Every time we visit Hoodie People, we continue to be amazed by the fresh new designs posted there. This one is no exception. According to the product description, “Designing for UP’s FIFTY24SF line, Patrick Martinez tell’s it like it is in old school neon lights.” The Palm Reader Hoodie comes with a host of features, including:

  • Vivid 5-color print
  • Double thick hood with drawstring
  • Pullover style
  • Kangaroo front pocket
  • Free FIFTY24SF sticker
  • 80/20 cotton/poly blend
  • Machine washable

Sounds good to us! Get it for $59 over at Hoodie People.

Jennifer Garner’s Hoodie-Infatuated Daughter


Thank goodness we’ve found another Hollywood tot enamored with hoodies. We spotted Jennifer Garner’s daughter Violet wearing this striped velour hoodie as she left school; she appeared to be coordinating with her mother, who held a polka-dot purse in tow. Violet goes to school in Santa Monica, and is seen with her loving parents frequently. She is obviously very well cared-for, and very beautiful at that.


Zac Efron’s Leather Hoodie Jacket


Zac Efron is hot. Even if you’re a middle-aged mom of four kids, you have to admit that the boy has an unmatched, raw sense of sex appeal. Just check out this picture of him taken last week as he arrived in LA after hosting SNL in New York. Outfitted in black, features accented by a dark leather hoodie jacket; perhaps this is why teenagers go for that Robert Pattison fellow. Excuse me for a moment while I compose myself.


Doug Reihnardt – Hoodie Afficionado?


Paris Hilton and her C-list boyfriend Doug Reinhardt were spotted in London last week. Doug, who was initially dumped by Lauren Conrad on The Hills, was wearing a gray kangaroo-pocket pullover hoodie as he stepped out of the vehicle. Paris is apparently busy filming Paris Hilton’s British Best Friend – just what the world needs, another trashy reality show.

Via: Splash News