The Mystery Hoodie

We have a new development under the category of ‘Hoodies in the News.’ This picture was recently taken of a prominent actress, and although it may be more of a jacket than a hoodie, it involves a pretty hilarious hood. Who was the famous star, you ask? None other than Jennifer Aniston! Jen was seen hiding amongst the depths of her hood while leaving her NYC hotel, on the way to film her latest movie, The Baster. We wonder where she got the thing, anyway?

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Something New – Gavin Rossdale’s Vest Hoodie!

Gavin Rossdale’s vest hoodie definitely gives us hope for the future of fashion. Rossdale was spotted wearing this piece as he performed at a free concert at the Nokia Plaza for L.A. Live. The gray hoodie appears to have cutoff sleeves and some sort of red print on the back. If anyone knows where he got this, please let us know!

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Courteney Cox’s Hoodied Robe

The beautiful Courteney Cox was spotted in some interesting outfits while out filming scenes for her new show Cougar Town in Northridge, Los Angeles. Cox donned a bright orange robe complete with tie strings and hood on set of the show, which we thought was a really awesome fashion choice. The actress really has amazing legs after all these years, don’t you think?

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Hugh Jackman in a Hoodie

Actor Hugh Jackman was seen tromping through Manhattan on Thursday in this black zip-up althletic hoodie. The well-known star strode through the West Village on the way to breakfast, and then enjoyed a rigorous early-morning workout. Of course, the star also gets exercise by running his little daughter Ava to school some days – how sweet. Looking great, Hugh!

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The Bella Long-Sleeved Zip Track Jacket

Although this item does not come with a hood, we still feel that it is worthy of an honorable mention. The Bella long-sleeve zip track jacket provides a warm and comfortable refuge on those oft-experienced chilly days of spring. This jacket is custom-fitted and made with very comfortable material, and is made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex. Feel free to design your own text and image for the front and/or back of the jacket. You can order one for just $34.97 over at Customized Girl!

Red Ape Never Ape Sweatshirt

What can we say? Another hoodie from Bape caught our attention. Especially after being mentioned on an epsidoe of the epic reality show The Girls Next Door, Bape Mall is a designer not to be missed. This piece features the words “Never Ape” printed on a bright red hoodie, and comes complete with side pockets and zip-up hood. Get one for yourself for $89.99 over at Bape Mall!

The Beginning Hoodie

Aptly titled The Beginning hoodie, this design features an image of a young batman running over a stuffed penguin. The crafty play on words makes for a funny picture and an even more hilarious hoodie! The design is printed on an Asphalt American Apparel zip-up hoody, which features side pockets and a drawstring hood. Get yours for just $40 over at Threadless!

Royal Plush’s Green Sailor Hoodie

There appears to be some new designs up over at Royal Plush, but we’re not sure because none of the collection titles have changed. If the website is correct, this hoodie is actually part of last year’s spring collection. Three weeks ago, a rep for RP left the following comment:

“our website will be updated within the next 2 weeks. check out our new Royal Plush Workout line available at Bloomingdale’s”

However, when we visited Bloomingdale’s website, Royal Plush wasn’t listed on the page of designers. There was a brand called Royal Underground, so perhaps they’re related. We also weren’t able to access the new online catalog due to the fact that you must be a wholesale retailer to view the pictures.

In any case, we’re still happy to bring this gorgeous design to you this week. It appears to be a short-sleeved green hoodie with some type of sailor theme. Gorgeous! Check it out for yourself over at Royal Plush.

Even Danielle Fishel Wears Hoodies

Style host Danielle Fishel was spotted out on a date over the weekend. Fishel was seen leaving a movie theater with the above gentleman, and she chose to wear a gray zip-up hoodie to the event. If a Style Network host can wear a hoodie on a date, then that’s saying a lot for the beloved fashion staples!


Whitney Port’s Pastel Hoodie

The Hills and now-turned The City star Whitney Port was spotted shivering on the streets of New York last week. Port has been in the news for her very public dumping of boyfriend Jay on the last episode of her hit TV show. She was seen wearing a pastel zip-up hoodie and mini skirt while heading to Chanel, along with black flats. All in all, a very odd outfit, if we must say.

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