New World Order Hoodie

Ready for another sassy hoodie from Threadless? Good! This one is called the New World Order hoodie, and it features the above image of a robot lumbering through Tokyo. Bystanders shout “Help!” and “Apocalypse is happening!” as the buildings tumble around them. Printed on a gorgeous creme Threadless hoodie, this exact sweatshirt can be yours for just $40 over at Threadless!

Royal Plush Casual Hoodie

Check out this awesome find that we located within the depths of the Royal Plush website. This set from the Spring 2008 Collection (can someone e-mail the RP staff and ask them to update their website?) features a stylish gray workout hoodie with matching sweatpants, stamped with the RP label of course. Word has it that the Summer 2009 and True Royal Workout Collection are currently being ordered by wholesale retailers, so hopefully we’ll see some newer pieces from Royal Plush coming soon!

New Hood Ornaments at Neighborhoodies

Neighborhoodies is proud to announce their new line of hood ornaments, which are available at checkout and completely customizable. Basically, you go to their website and order your hoodie of choice, and then choose an image from the hood ornament drop-down menu. There are plenty of pictures to choose from, so head over to Neighborhoodies right now and check it out!

The Dinosaurus Rex Hoodie

Remember this awesome hoodie from MonsterHoodies? Well, we sure do, and we’re bringing it back for a special post today. Perfect for any lively St. Patricks Day party, this green hoodie features scary teeth and googly eyes, and goes by the name Dinosaurus Rex. Handcrafted on an American Apparel unisex California fleece zip hoodie, this hoodie is sure to delight anyone lucky enough to come across its path. Get one for $49.99 over at MonsterHoodies!

Chace Crawford’s Basketball Hoodie

The handsome Chace Crawford of Gossip Girl fame was spotted playing basketball in NYC this weekend. Chace donned a gorgeous gray athletic hoodie for his afternoon spent with Ed Westwick, another star of the show. He manages to look hot even when making a weird basketball face – now that’s talent! To see more funny pics from this day, click on the link below.

Via: Splash News

Mickey Rourke’s Pink Hoodie

Star of the new movie The Wrestler, Mickey Rourke was spotted walking through Greenwich Village this week along with some of his friends. Rourke lives in West Village and was supposedly heading home for a night of relaxation. You wouldn’t expect a man of his age to wear such an immature and horrifying outfit, but alas, Mickey Rourke steps up to the plate.

Via: Splash News

Mother of Octuplets Hides in Velour Hoodie

Nadya Suleman has been in the news recently for giving birth to octuplets(!!). Photographers caught her visiting her newborn babies at the hospital last week in this brown velour track suit. It looks like it was worn during her maternity period, due to the baggy tummy flapping in the breeze lol. An interesting choice of wardrobe for anyone, mother or not!

Via: Splash News

The Dharma Hoodie in Red & Yellow

This particular hoodie may only cater a specific crowd, but hey, we’re willing to take a risk! We’ve fallen in love with the Dharma hoodie in red and yellow, designed by pa:nuu and sold by Karmaloop. Is anyone else thinking “M.I.A.” when they see this piece? If so, that’s definitely a good sign! Grab the Dharma hoodie for $130 over at Karmaloop whenever you have a chance.

The Sexy Tripp Green Plaid Hoodie

We’re happy to present to you this hot piece complements of Hot Topic. Known as the tripp green plaid hoodie, this black short-sleeved hoodie features a green, black, and white plaid hood, trim, and detachable pouch. Add to it some aptly-placed silver tone pyramid studs and D-rings on the pockets, and this 100% cotton hoodie is an allover slam-dunk. Get one for yourself for just $36 over at Hot Topic!

The Atticus All Over Print Hoodie is one of the newest additions to the In The Hoodie crew, and we chose this awesome hoodie as the perfect piece to introduce them to you. Known as the Atticus All Over Print hoodie, this sweatshirt comes with this astounding list of premium features:

  • 100% High quality 280 gm cotton
  • Milk color, black and white
  • Medium weight
  • All over Atticus plectrum graphic
  • Zip front closure
  • iPod Headphone Loops
  • Hidden Interior Pocket
  • Dual front pockets

Can we just say…wow? Check it out for yourself over at HoodiePeople, and feel free to get one at the low price of $59 if you are as entranced with it as we are.