My Awesome Hoodie Campaign

This just in: a random dude has started this awesome website for selling awesome hoodies. According to webmaster David Boette, “When you organize and optimize an environment that exposes your awareness to positive influences, you can achieve anything you choose, faster and with less effort.” Interesting concept! Check out the rest of his website for some humorous philosophies regarding life. You can buy one of his hoodies for just $27.99 to start feeling more awesome today.

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New Hoodie Spider Halloween Costume For Dogs

Popular pet supplies retailer PetCo is now selling a hoodie that looks like a spider, which can be worn by small breeds of dogs as a Halloween costume. The hoodie itself is black with creepy purple legs running down the sides. The hood features separately attached fangs and eyes, and the entire costume is secured through the use of velcro straps. This would be a cool – and creepy – costume for any hoodie-loving dog!

Via: PetCo

Jessica Stroup Wears Hoodie on 90210 Set

Actress Jessica Stroup (right) was seen wearing this gray zip-up hoodie on the set of the new 90210 set, which is being shot in LA. We love the way she’s paired it with a dress and rolled up the sleeves to put a fashionable twist on an old favorite! And just in case you were wondering, the actress to her left is Shanae Grimes.

Via: The Skinny Website

Beyonce Wears A Hybrid Hoodie

Singer Beyonce was spotted wearing this grey hybrid hoodie last week, which seems to consist of a layered shirt/jacket/sweater combo. Beyonce was leaving the Waverly Inn after having dinner with rapper Jay-Z, and in our opinion, she looks fabulous as usual! The tone of the jeans really compliments the grey hoodie creation.

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Watch Out For The Shark Bite!

Today we’re featuring another awesome hoodie from Monster Hoodies. The Shark Bite hoodie features hand-sewn teeth and googly eyes on a California fleece thermal-lined london hoodie. It is 100% cotton and has dual pockets on the zip-up front. For $49.99, the Shark Bite hoodie is totally worth the money. Go get yours today!

Iron Fist Dead Balloons Sleeveless Hoodie

This hoodie is a masculine twist on the current sleeveless hoodie trend for women. This Iron Fist Dead Balloons hoodie from Hot Topic features an allover pattern of “dead balloons” in striking neon colors, including pink, blue, orange, yellow, and green. The words “99 dead balloons go bye” is embroidered in turquoise lettering, and the front features a zipper and pouch pockets. This 80/20 cotton poly blend is selling for just $39.00 at Hot Topic.

Bape Chompers Hoodie Eats the Competition

This Bape Chompers Red hoodie from Bapemall is pretty awesome, in our opinion. The teeth lining down the sides of the zipper are hilarious, and we love that the front zips goes all the way up to the top of the hood. Bapemall can always be counted on to deliver quirky, original designs with comfortable cuts and fabrics. Get this hoodie for $89.99 at Bapemall!

Operation Hoodie Aids in Cancer Research

UK-based charity Operation Hoodie was started in 2008 to help raise money for cancer research around the world. The group sells hoodies printed with the organization’s name on the back for 20 pounds, and all proceeds go to benefit efforts to prevent and cure cancer. Operation Hoodie is now backed by many sports teams, actors and actresses, and bands. To learn more or to purchase a hoodie, check out their website here.

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How to Make a Hoodie iPod Compatible

Popular online website eHow, who collects articles on “how to do just about everything,” has now released a tutorial called How To Make a Hoodie iPod Compatible. It lists a few easy steps on how to alter a hoodie to include a place to store your iPod and earphones. This is definitely a must-have for any diehard music fans! If you’re one of those people who doesn’t leave home without their iPod, you can read the complete instructions here.

Via: eHow

Katie Price Conceals Another Boob Job With White Hoodie

Katie Price, also known as English glamour model Jordan, was spotted entering The S&B Surgery Center in Beverly Hills on August 6th wearing this casual white sweatsuit, complete with zip-up hoodie. Price originally had her breasts reduced in December, and has apparently changed her mind and decided to go under the knife again for the 5th time. We have to admit that the stark white hoodie looks a bit odd against her baked skin in this picture.

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