Short Sleeved Skull Hoodie for Girls

Pink Skull Hoodie

This short sleeved hoodie for girls is lightweight and has skulls and crossbones with small spots of pink to give it some fun life. The hoodie zips in the front and has two small pockets. The hoodie hangs 19.5 inches from the shoulder and is made from 95% of cotton and 5% spandex. The cap sleeve skull hoodie is made in the USA, is $21.99 and available at Daisy Maze.

A Hoodie that Helps you Sleep! – Burton Sleeper Hoodie

Burton Sleeper Hoodie

Burton recently introducted the sleeper hoodie. The hoodie has a soft warm outer layer and has a build in iPod/ticket/passport pocket, an earplug compartment, cuff thumb holes, armpit zips, a pull down “light schield” to block any light, and last but not least a build-in neck pillow to help you be comfortable when you sleep. So for about $100 you will have just about everything you need to rock yourself to sleep.

Via: Engaget , Wired, and Burton

Abe Lincoln / JFK Conspiracy Hoodie


Print Liberation made interesting use of the zipper on this hoodie. On one half of the hoodie is Abe Lincoln’s face and the other is JFK. The hoodie is hand screen printed on a black american apparel zip-up hoodie.

View the product over at Print Liberation. Print Liberation was founded in 1999 and is a creative agency that consists of three artists. Also, check out shirtonme as it is where I found this interesting hoodie.

Bulletproof Hoodie? The Defender Hoodie Protects Against 9mm Bullets

Bulletproof Hoodie

The Defender Hoodie is bullet proof, YES, bullet proof in the main body area. The hoodie looks just like a normal hoodie but it has an inner shell that will give you balistic security at Level NIJ STD 0101.04. What does that security level mean? Well you can stop a 9mm round at 1,090 feet per second. However, the hoodie part will not protect you. The hoodie isn’t cheap but can protect you. The bullet proof hoodie starts at $600. The hoodie should be available to purchase sometime in May.

Visit and Gizmodo for more information or buy the hoodie when it is released at Bladerunner

Sexy Hoodie with Hole in the Back by Tokidoki

Backhole hoodie

Here is a fun, sexy, and lightweight hoodie. The hoodie is short-sleeved, long-waist and has a boat neck. on the front is a record patch with sequins and a hole with a graphic print around the edge. The hoodie is 95% cotton, 5% spandex and designed by Tokidoki. You can buy this hoodie at Karmaloop or read a brief review over at OhMyitsAwesome blog.

Potential Ban on Masked Hoodies in Mobile Alabama

In Mobile Alabama police are moving towards banning the sale of all hoodies that can be zipped over or hide the face. These hoodies don’t just zip up to the Masked Hoodietop of the neck but actually zip over the entire head with just eyeholes. The potential ban is the result of an increased use of these masked hoodies in robberies in Mobile.

The ordinance would bad the sale of these hoodies. The police are also asking parents to remove any of these hoodies from their children’s wardrobe to avoid them being targeted as criminals. There is already an ordinance in Mobile that bans masks that covers individuals faces in public but it doesn’t apply to hoodies that aren’t zipped up all the way.

What do you think? Are masked hoodies used for anything besides crimes? Should masked hoodies be banned? For more information check out

Who Killed Obama Hoodie – Tasteless? Racist? Art?

A Who Killed Obama hoodie was spotted in the window of Apollo Braun at 193 Orchard Street on the Lower East Side in New York. Doron Braunshtein, a.k.a. Apollo Braun explained to a reporter that he supports Obama but is just expressing what he feels everyone is talking about on a t-shirt. Braun believes the Who Killed Obama hoodie is a form of performance art and “it all relates to his “opposites theory,” which is about the clash of different motifs to cause something to new to be created. ‘I’m very punk rock,’ Braun explains”. Braun T-shirts and hoodies aren’t cheap because they are one of a kind. His products sell for $129-$250. As a result of the Who Killed Obama sweatshirt Braun claims that he’s received hundreds of calls and some death threats from Obama supporters. According to Braun “They don’t understand what I’m doing. They think I’m spreading hate.”

Who Killed Obama

For more information visit Racked or NyPress

Should Hoodies Be Banned? – A UK Newspapers Argues Yes

There are some new discussions of whether or not hoodies should be banned. Crime such as violence, vandalism, theft and disorder areBan Hoodies on the rise and unfortunately part of our culture. According to a recent newspaper in the UK in every case “the killer’s sullen face was hidden beneath the disguise of feral society – the hooded top”.

The arguement is that people are hiding behind their hoodies making them faceless and very difficult to catch after crimes. Others wearing hoodies on the streets, trains, buses and shopping centres are thought to also be intimidating. The Sunday Express wants the police to order that police officers order hoods to be removed in public places. If peoples faces were always visible potential law breakers may not conduct as many public crimes because of the risks of getting caught on CCTV.

According to the newspaper: “Hoodies are a definite problem because they introduce a fear of the unknown.” This is a ridiculous arguement that inhibits the rights of people to keep their head warm and dry. Why not ban hats and long hair also?

Read the full story at the Sunday Express.