Ecko’s Purist Hoodie

ecko2We’re going back to the basics with Ecko’s Purist hoodie. This zip-up design is made of 100% French terry cotton, which means it is very lightweight. It features a cotton twill trim and lining, two button-flap pockets, and two pouch pockets. The best thing is that this guy is selling for just $24.99 right now at Ecko – clearance sale, perhaps? Get yours now over at Ecko!

BapeMall Chain Pattern Hoodie

It seems like the folks over at BapeMall are getting more creative every day. This Bape chain pattern hoodie features impeccable style and design, while also providing the warmth you need on a chilly fall afternoon. The white and black color scheme provides a great contrast, and the zip-up front and pockets make the hoodie ultra functional and comfortable. Get your chain pattern hoodie for just $89.99 over at BapeMall!