Baby Beckham Sports a White Hoodie


Even the Beckhams dress their children in hoodies! The above picture was snapped as the family returned home from the UK after the holidays. Once in LA, the Beckhams chose to dress their son in a stark white zip-up hoodie as they swiftly ushered their children through the airport. Is this group down-to-earth or what?


David Beckham’s Sporty Hoodie


The beautiful Beckhams made an appearance the other night at the David Beckham and James Bond Adidas Originals launch party in LA. David wore this casual but sporty gray pullover hoodie, which he matched with a collar shirt and tie. Ever the fashionista, his wife wore some kind of designer dress with pokey things at the top. Apparently David is designing some new shoes for Adidas and starring in some advertisements.

Via: Splash News

David Beckham Spotted in Stylish Hoodie

David Beckham was spotted arriving at LAX this weekend sporting this stylish gray hoodie jacket. Becks tromped through the airport with his wife Victoria Beckham, who was of course dressed to the nines in shiny leggings, a tunic, and fedora. The pop couple has been in the news lately due to an alleged robbery. Gareth Emmett, their cleaner’s son, supposedly stole items from their Herfordshire home in Britain. “We’re totally innocent,” Emmett claims. “It’s a total fabrication, but my wife June and I are ready to spill the dirt on the couple.” Hmmm, interesting.

Via: Splash News