In Case of Zombies Hoodie



Thanks to this hoodie, you’ll know what to do in case of a zombie attack. We couldn’t zoom in on the image close enough to tell what the text at the bottom says, but we assume it comprises several handy tips that can be utilized in the presence of zombies. Now that’s functionality! Printed on a heather grey American Apparel hoodie, you can get this for just $40 over at Threadless.

The BEarth Hoodie


What do you all think of this new BEarth hoodie from Threadless? It features a picture of a large green leaf birthing the Earth with a crystal clear drop of water. Here’s what designer Steven Lefcourt has to say about it:

“This was unexpected. It is simple, artsy (for my standards), and not some kind of clever joke. Not my usual cup o’ tea. I don’t drink tea, in fact, so any cup is not my cup. I did not order any tea, send it back to the kitchen and bring me a frappuccino, thank you. Anyway, what im trying to say is:

Im so happy that so many people like this design. So thank you to the voters, the sponsors and the judges at threadless. Thank you for everything. AND a special thanks goes out to the color green. Without Green, I would have 5 less prints than I do, currently.”

Sweet! Grab one for $40 over at Threadless!

Ultra-Hip Listen Hoodie


TypeTees is having a huge sale over at Threadless this summer. Certain designs are selling for just $10 per t-shirt and $25 per hoodie! We recommend the above design, which features the words “I listen to bands that don’t even exist yet.” We appreciate the commentary on modern alt rock. Get yours for $25 over at Threadless!

The Pandamonium Hoodie


Watch out, there’s a killer panda on the loose! Well, there is on this hoodie anyway. This cool screen print from Threadless explores what would happen if “pandamonium” broke out across the world. Don’t worry, no animals were harmed in the making of this sweatshirt. The Pandamonium hoodie is selling for $40 over at Threadless, so head on over before they’re all sold out!

The Piggy Bank Heist Hoodie from Threadless



Isn’t this hoodie hilarious? The Piggy Bank Heist sweatshirt from Threadless features the above picture printed on an asphalt-colored American Apparel hoodie. Hey, wouldn’t you drop some coins if you were approached by those two dudes? Funny, cool, and original – all of the things we look for in a premium hoodie. Check it for $40 over at Threadless.

The Beginning Hoodie

Aptly titled The Beginning hoodie, this design features an image of a young batman running over a stuffed penguin. The crafty play on words makes for a funny picture and an even more hilarious hoodie! The design is printed on an Asphalt American Apparel zip-up hoody, which features side pockets and a drawstring hood. Get yours for just $40 over at Threadless!

New World Order Hoodie

Ready for another sassy hoodie from Threadless? Good! This one is called the New World Order hoodie, and it features the above image of a robot lumbering through Tokyo. Bystanders shout “Help!” and “Apocalypse is happening!” as the buildings tumble around them. Printed on a gorgeous creme Threadless hoodie, this exact sweatshirt can be yours for just $40 over at Threadless!

The Satan’s Little Helper Hoodie

This hoodie design from Olly Moss and Ross Zietz caught our eye immediately, for obvious reasons! The piece, aptly titled the “Satan’s Little Helper,” features an image of a three-headed dog complete with 666 dog tags. It’s created a lot of buzz around the blogs at Threadless, and subsequently, only XS hoodies are currently available for $40. Will they be restocked in other sizes? Voice your opinion over at Threadless!

Sad Psycho Hoodie

Has anyone seen the new movie My Bloody Valentine? Well, this hoodie is the perfect tribute to such an endeavor. This Sad Pscyho hoodie is actually a reprint of an earlier edition, and has assumedly been resurrected due to its immense popularity. The great news is that this zip-up sweatshirt is selling right now for just $40, so get yours today over at Threadless!

Threadless Corporate Zombie Hoodie

Check out this new social statement from Threadless, the Corporate Zombie hoodie. The sweatshirt features the above image of a businessman in bloody pursuit of the almighty dollar, making a humorous but timely point about American capitalism. And in keeping with the spirit of the message, this hoodie is currently on sale for just $35 over at Threadless. Grab yours today!