Shia LaBeouf Dates in a Hoodie


We previously reported on the willingness of Shia LaBeouf to go on dates wearing a hoodie. This image confirms our suspicions that he is a genuine hoodie addict! Shia and his girlfriend Carey Mulligan were spotted taking a stroll in LA on Saturday. This was hust weeks after shooting wrapped on Wall Street 2 — the movie the pair met on – and it appears that the couple has already established a relationship outside of work.


Shia Labeouf Shops in a Hoodie


Shia Labeouf was seen shopping with his girlfriend Carrie Mulligan a few days ago. The star’s hand still hasn’t healed from a car crash several months ago, but that doesn’t stop him from testing out volcano sets in his free time! His wardrobe choice included a marbled gray hoodie with cutoff sleeves..Carrie must go for the disheveled look.

Via: Splash News