Russell Brand Has a Junky Hoodie


If the rumors are true that Russell Brand’s fiance Katy Perry is pregnant, he’d better learn how to buy some new clothes and set a good example. This pic was snapped as he was heading to the gym on Wednesday, so we’ll give him that, but there are a lot of celebs out there who manage to throw together a tidy-looking outfit. Russell goes to Crunch Gym in Hollywood, so do you think gray zip-up hoodies are all the rage over there?

Via: Splash News

Russell Brand Reveals his Chest Hair in a Hoodie


A scrawny and ungroomed Russell Brand was spotted arriving at his London home after a trip to the gym. Brand is known for being odd and slightly eccentric, so maybe he’s trying to bulk up for his new girlfriend, who happens to be singing hottie Katy Perry? His first lesson in attractiveness should be putting an undershirt between his workout hoodie and hairy chest.

Via: Splash News