Tripp Snap Front Hoodie Rings in the New Year

Happy New Year to our beloved followers! 2010 promises to be an amazing time of growth and renewal, and this design is perfect for those desiring to start the new year off with a bang. Eternally spunky, it is a short-sleeved creation featuring pyramid stud snaps and strap accents. It’s 100% cotton, so it’s sure to keep you warm and comfy throughout these cold winter months. Grab this hoodie for just $38 over at Hot Topic!

Iron Fist Green Robot Hoodie


We’re going back to the 80s with this neon green hoodie! The Iron Fist Robot hoodie from Hot Topic features a white and green screen print of a giant robot crushing a city. The image is place onto a black zip-up hoodie, with the cityscape continuing on the back with a green Iron Fist logo. The cool thing about this sweatshirt is that the hood is lined with neon green, which we definitely haven’t seen before. Grab one of these 80/20 cotton poly blends for $39 over at Hot Topic!

Jessica Louise Pink And Red Tiger Hoodie


We’re always a fan of hoodies with ears attached to the hood, but this one is hot enough to stand on its own. The Jessica Louise pink and red tiger hoodie is a short-sleeved design with a zip-up front. Tiger stripes, pyramid studs on the pouch pockets, a blue kitty patch, and a heart and crossed keys patch only serve to make this hoodie more desirable. Get this guy for only $34 exclusively at Hot Topic!

The Skelanimals Black And Red Kit Cat Heart Hoodie

This hoodie is so versatile – it could be an everyday fashion piece, themed item, or even a Halloween costume! The Skelanimals black and red kit cat heart hoodie is a short-sleeved, zip-up hoodie complete with sexy red kitten ears. A large heart applique on the front withsurrounds Kit Cat’s face, along with a red and black striped outline and black ruffle trim. And here’s the best part – the back features a removable tail! Wayyyy too cute. Get one for yourself for just $44 over at Hot Topic!

Avril Lavigne’s Punk Rock Hoodie

The beautiful Avril Lavigne was spotted in one of her trademark hoodies this week. Photographed while bar-hopping in London, Avril donned an outlandish outfit complete with a frilly black crinoline and a pair of stamped Dr. Martens. Her hoodie featured a purple skull-and-bones print pattern along with a cute skull zipper. That’s Avril for you – always original and always gorgeous.

Via: Splash News

Hot Topic Pokemon Zip-up Hoodie

This is one of the brightest patterns we’ve seen printed on a hoodie in a long time! We’re loving this white Pokemon zip-up hoodie from Hot Topic, which features an allover print of Pikachu, Squirtle, Charmander, Bulbasaur, and other cartoon favorites. The 80/20 cotton poly blend also has a drawstring hood and front pockets. Get it for just $50 today from Hot Topic!

Avril Lavigne Sports Short-Sleeved Hoodie During Concert

Avril Lavigne performed at the Wukesong Indoor Stadium in China last Monday as part of her “Best Damn Tour.” We were thrilled to see that Avril jumped onto one of the coolest new hoodie bandwagons that day by wearing this awesome short-sleeved hoodie! The punk rock piece features garage band-style graffiti and printed designs lining the sleeves and hem. We’re wondering where we can get one of these for ourselves…she looks amazing!

Via: The Skinny Website

Chor Black And Teal Plaid Hoodie from Hot Topic

Check out this colorfol Chor Black And Teal Plaid Hoodie from Hot Topic! With a zip-up front and two front pockets, this hoodie is designed with your optimal comfort in mind. The black trim is a nice touch, and compliments the teal nicely. Not only that, but the price can’t be beat. Get this 80/20 cotton poly blend hoodie for just $36 from Hot Topic!