Bape Shoe Pattern Hoodie


Today we’re bringing to you another fabulous design from Bape Mall. This baby blue hoodie features an allover shoe screen print, and the bright pink, blue, green, and yellow colors definitely complement the piece. Of course you also get the standard side pockets and full zip hood. Get this for $89.99 over at Bape Mall!

Bape Grey Pattern Hoodie


Where else could we find a cool hoodie like this, aside from Bapemall? The grey allover print features some interesting symbols, most of which we aren’t able to discern from the small image posted on the website. But let’s face it – when it comes to Bape, does it really need to be understandable? Get this for $89.99 over at Bapemall!

BapeMall Chain Pattern Hoodie

It seems like the folks over at BapeMall are getting more creative every day. This Bape chain pattern hoodie features impeccable style and design, while also providing the warmth you need on a chilly fall afternoon. The white and black color scheme provides a great contrast, and the zip-up front and pockets make the hoodie ultra functional and comfortable. Get your chain pattern hoodie for just $89.99 over at BapeMall!