Board Member Apologizes for Wearing Klan Hoodie

In a previous story about National Hoodie Day we discussed a man who wore a Ku Klux Klan uniform to protest the idea of having a day for the youth to wear hoodies. The Board Member of Kapiti community has recently apologized for wearing the outfit stating that he had no idea it would have quite the response.
His goal was political satire but the prank obviously offended many people. The apology was accepted by the mayor. For more info visit

National Hoodie Day Draws Protest in New Zealand

In New Zealand the Government’s Youth Affairs Ministry has a National Hoodie Day. The National Hoodie day was launched in hopes of challenging the negative perceptions of our youth. It isn’t just thugs who wear hoodies and some are out to prove it but others don’t agree with the day. The Youth Affairs Ministry is actually spending $35,000 on material and posters to help challenge the perceptions of youth in hoodies.

To protest National Hoodie Day a New Zealand politician showed up to a local council meeting wearing a Ku Klux Klan outfit to protest the hoodie holiday. Via, TVNZ,