Shia LaBeouf Dates in a Hoodie


We previously reported on the willingness of Shia LaBeouf to go on dates wearing a hoodie. This image confirms our suspicions that he is a genuine hoodie addict! Shia and his girlfriend Carey Mulligan were spotted taking a stroll in LA on Saturday. This was hust weeks after shooting wrapped on Wall Street 2 — the movie the pair met on – and it appears that the couple has already established a relationship outside of work.


Baby Beckham Sports a White Hoodie


Even the Beckhams dress their children in hoodies! The above picture was snapped as the family returned home from the UK after the holidays. Once in LA, the Beckhams chose to dress their son in a stark white zip-up hoodie as they swiftly ushered their children through the airport. Is this group down-to-earth or what?


Ellen Pompeo Bundles Up in a Hoodie


The paparazzi spotted Ellen Pompeo on her way to see Avatar in LA on Boxing Day (Saturday). Ellen was definitely bundled up, sporting snow boots, a marshmallow jacket, and a gray zip-up hoodie. She tried to hide her identity using the hood and a pair of sunglasses, but to no avail. In any case, we hope she stayed warm!


Another Kristen Stewart Hoodie


The laid back Kristen Stewart was spotted wearing another dark zip-up hoodie as she headed back to work yesterday. She was returning from a break in LA, where she rested up and spent time with friends and family members. Kristen has the perfect way of dealing with the paparazzi nailed down – a hoodie, shades, and an iPod.

Via:  Splash News

Nicollette Sheridan’s Pink Hoodie


Our favorite ex-Desperate Housewife, Nicollette Sheridan, was spotted in LA over the weekend. She donned a light pink hoodie and tight pants with a jam stain (?) across the bum. The waistband also had the words “Born on the Streets” printed across it, even though she attended a high-class girls’ school in Millfield, Britain growing up. Hmm.


Jordana Brewster in a Casual Blue Hoodie


The beautiful Jordana Brewster was spotted out and about in LA this week. She sported a baby blue zip-up hoodie with dark blue pants and beige shoes. Gorgeous bag – too bad it wasn’t dressed up with a more glam look! It’s cool though, the shades and dark hair more than make up for the fashion faux pas.

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Nicole Richie’s Mommy Hoodie


I’d like to direct your attention to the orange hoodie above. Worn my new mom Nicole Richie, this zip-up hoodie obviously features some sort of logo across the arm. Can anybody tell us who it’s by? We couldn’t find any pics of her actually wearing it. But in this pic, Nicole is going to visit friends in Studio City, after going to Miami for a guest appearance on the Regis and Kelly show.

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Zac Efron’s Leather Hoodie Jacket


Zac Efron is hot. Even if you’re a middle-aged mom of four kids, you have to admit that the boy has an unmatched, raw sense of sex appeal. Just check out this picture of him taken last week as he arrived in LA after hosting SNL in New York. Outfitted in black, features accented by a dark leather hoodie jacket; perhaps this is why teenagers go for that Robert Pattison fellow. Excuse me for a moment while I compose myself.


Courteney Cox’s Hoodied Robe

The beautiful Courteney Cox was spotted in some interesting outfits while out filming scenes for her new show Cougar Town in Northridge, Los Angeles. Cox donned a bright orange robe complete with tie strings and hood on set of the show, which we thought was a really awesome fashion choice. The actress really has amazing legs after all these years, don’t you think?

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Paris Dons Emo Heart Hoodie

Paris Hilton was seen wandering the streets of LA yesterday wearing this black and white hoodie, complete with hearts, lightning bolts, and bear paws. More notably, the celebutante was also wearing her “Benji ring,” which had been absent from her finger earlier this week in London.

“Benji and I are really in love and happy — and that’s all I want to say,” said Paris in a recent statement. “He’s my rock, he’s my best friend, he’s amazing. He treats me like a princess.”

I guess the two have resolved any conflicts that may have arisen between them. Rocker Benji Madden has apparently had a crush on her ever since she was visiting friend Nicole Richie with her new baby in January – before he and his then-girlfriend Sophie Monk announced their split in February of 2008! Scandalous.

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