Matching Twilight Hoodies


One lucky Twilight fan had the pleasure of meeting Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart while they were both wearing hoodies! These pictures were snapped on New Years Eve as the couple was leaving a grocery store in Britain. Rob and Kristen stayed at Ventnor, a resort on the Isle of Wight, to ring in the new year together.

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Kristen Stewart Hiding in a Hoodie


The lovely Kristen Stewart was spotted hiding out in a gray hoodie the other day – but this time, it’s for good reason! She and Robert Pattinson were both spotted leaving the same hotel in Vancouver, and both looked like they had something to hide. It’s no secret that these two are dating, but it sure fuels the gossip fires to see pics like this. Way to go, Rob and Kristen! You definitely seem happy together!

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Another Kristen Stewart Hoodie


The laid back Kristen Stewart was spotted wearing another dark zip-up hoodie as she headed back to work yesterday. She was returning from a break in LA, where she rested up and spent time with friends and family members. Kristen has the perfect way of dealing with the paparazzi nailed down – a hoodie, shades, and an iPod.

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Kristen Stewart’s Filming Hoodie

Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson

The beautiful Kristen Stewart was spotted hamming it up with her Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson on the site of their new movie Eclipse. The two shared a chuckle while filming a scene on a rainy day in Vancouver, where Taylor Lautner was also seen working. It’s so sweet that Robert and Kristen are so close – and that Kris is comfortable enough to cover up with a maroon zip-up hoodie when the weather goes south!

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Kristen Stewart’s Mullet-Inspired Hoodie


It looks like Twilight star Kristen Stewart’s mullet is back – and so are her trademark hoodies! Stewart was spotted strolling around downtown Vancouver with her New Moon co-stars Nikki Reed and Elizabeth Reaser. How does Kristin manage to make such an amazing fashion statement with such a simple navy zip-up hoodie?

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Robert Pattinson’s Hoodie Antics Continue


Twilight star Robert Pattinson was up to his old tricks again tonight in Vancouver. This pic was snapped as he and castmates Ashley Greene and Peter Facinelli visited Bodega in Vancouver’s Gastown neighborhood. Noticeably absent? His rumored flame Kristen Stewart. But hey, at least he thought to cover up with one of his signature black hoodies!

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Kristen Stewart’s Comic-Con Hoodie


Kristen Stewart was up to her old tricks again this year at Comic-Con! The Twilight beauty kept it casual in a grey zip-up hoodie and old school red sneakers. By her side were her New Moon costars Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner, who were dressed suspiciously similar. We’re loving Kristen’s retro Joan Jett hairstyle!

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Kristen Stewart’s Scary Black Hoodie


No need to be afraid, this is just a pic of Twilight star Kristin Stewart fueling up while filming The Runaways in Valley Village. Kristin donned a discreet black zip-up hoodie, which is fitting considering that she’s playing the role of Joan Jett in the movie. Hey, we’d be kind of scary too if we worked as much as Kristin!

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Twilight Edward Swirl Hoodie


I suppose that I talk about Twilight enough on here to warrant an actual Twilight hoodie post. Although I usually refrain from *ahem*…”fashions” of this nature, if you’re a true fan of the hit book and movie series, this is definitely a treat I won’t deny you. This grey zip-up hoodie from Hot Topic features an image of Edward on a teal filigree background. As you can see, the Twilight logo spans the front, and flip it around to see the familiar words ”You are my life now’ across the back.’ It’s 100% cotton, so it’s as least as soft as Edward’s hands, if the movie is to be believed. Get it for just $48 over at Hot Topic!

Kristen Stewart in a Hoodie


The beautiful Kristen Stewart was spotted trying to avoid the paps earlier this week. Kristen sported a black zip-up hoodie, skinny jeans, and sneaks, which is pretty typical of her laid-back style. The young Twilight star was apparently hoofing it through LAX after shooting scenes for New Moon in Italy.

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