Kanye West Sports Gray Hoodie

Kanye West was seen leaving LAX yesterday in this nice gray zip-up hoodie. West completed the ultra-casual look with an undershirt, dark jeans, and vintage high-tops. The rapper has been in the news lately for his disappointing performance on SNL over the weekend. His song was rumored as sounding like “bad karaoke” – ouch. We didn’t catch the show this week, so we can’t comment on his performance, but we’re loving his outfit!

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Kanye West Spotted in Gray Zip-up Hoodie

We all know that rapper Kanye West is a big fan of hoodies – he’s even included them in his new line of clothing. On Friday, Kanye was spotted leaving the Hawaii airport wearing this comfy gray hoodie. It appears to feature a zip-up front and side pockets, but we’re not sure whether this piece is from his line or not. Kanye has been in the news recently for an LA airport altercation, which landed him in jail and resulted in $10,000 worth of personal property damage. Yikes!

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Rihanna Seen Carrying Kanye Hoodie

Singer Rihanna was seen wandering the streets of Hollywood last week carrying this sweatshirt, which is apparently from rapper Kanye West’s new line, according to Jezebel. Too bad Rihanna isn’t actually wearing it so that we could get a better view of the design. It looks like it has some type of monkey print on the front – what do you think? Either way, she probably took it off because it’s so freakin hot outside right now. Darn you, Indian Summer!

Kanye’s Pastelle Line Drawing Fire

We reported on rapper Kanye West’s new clothing line Pastelle a few weeks ago, which includes this zip-up hoodie that Kanye himself wore to a recent event. Apparently, the pictures posted at HypeBeast have been drawing a lot of fire from critics who don’t like the rainbow design or glossy finish. Personally, we love the new line. What do you think?

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Kanye West Releases Line of Hoodies

Kanye West attended fashion week in Paris this month, and also managed to give audiences a preview of his new clothing line called Pastelle. Judging by the looks of this hoodie, we can expect a unique collection with plenty of bright colors and surprises. This particular hoodie features a zipper leading all the way up to the top of the hood. We’re loving it!

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