Skull and Dagger Short Sleeve Hoodie


Check out an online exclusive from Hot Topic! This short sleeve hoodie features a skull and dagger applique with red argyle stitching. Even though you can’t exactly see the hood from this picture, we swear it’s there! Get this unique 100% cotton zip-up top for $34 over at Hot Topic.

Tripp Snap Front Hoodie Rings in the New Year

Happy New Year to our beloved followers! 2010 promises to be an amazing time of growth and renewal, and this design is perfect for those desiring to start the new year off with a bang. Eternally spunky, it is a short-sleeved creation featuring pyramid stud snaps and strap accents. It’s 100% cotton, so it’s sure to keep you warm and comfy throughout these cold winter months. Grab this hoodie for just $38 over at Hot Topic!

Grey Short Sleeve Vest Hoodie


Head over to Hot Topic now, because all hoodies are currently $10 off! It’s the perfect holiday sale! This is one of the many pieces being sold for just $18. It includes a waist belt, large decorative buttons, and two front pockets. Definitely edgy and fashionable – learn more about this 60/40 cotton poly blend over at Hot Topic!

Pink Banana Zip-up Hoodie


So cute, so comfy, it’s almost unbelievable! But yet, it stands before us to be worn, enjoyed, and admired. This hoodie from Hot Topic features a wide, smiling banana on a luscious pink background. The words “Let’s go” areĀ  placed in screen print across the front. Original, eye-catching, and wearable – everything that we look for in a hoodie. Get yours for only $32 over at Hot Topic!

The Beatles Jump Zip-up Hoodie


Today we’re bringing you another fine hoodie from the folks over at Hot Topic! The Beatles Jump hoodie features everyone’s favorite vintage rockers jumping for joy in front of a stark white background. Grey beams span the front pouch pockets and the trim is accented by green and black stripes. Get it for $45 over at Hot Topic!

Captain America Hoodie


Just in time for Halloween, the iconic Captain America uniform has been transformed into a hoodie! Compliments of Hot Topic, it’s composed of a track jacket body and a mask-like hood. This 80/20 cotton poly blend is easily machine washable, making it the perfect solution to the yearly Halloween costume dilemma for men. Grab one for yourself for $50 even over at Hot Topic!

Black and Red Plaid Suspenders Hoodie


This hoodie has the innocence of childhood overalls and the sassiness of girly plaid suspenders all rolled into one. The black hoodie material on top is a lightweight fabric, and the plaid material on bottom features pockets and pyramid stud details. The entire piece is 100% cotton, making it a fun and unique blend! Get one for yourself for just $34 over at Hot Topic.

The Tripp Bleach Skull Hoodie


This hoodie is cute, comfy, and affordable – everything we look for in a great sweatshirt! The Tripp Bleach Skull hoodie from Hot Topic features an allover pink design with bleach spots scattered in random locations. It also has skull-studded strap accents, two front pockets, and a long hip-length hemline. This one is definitely for the girl who loves to stand out. Get it for $39 over at Hot Topic!

Tripp Black And Pink Ribbed Lace-Up Pocket Hoodie

The Tripp black fitted hoodie features hot ribbed panels, front pockets with hot pink lace-up details, and pyramid stud details. The exposed front zipper adds an element of edge to the sweatshirt, while the detailing allows it to stand out amongst the crowd. This design is definitely not for the faint of heart! Get it for $38 over at Hot Topic.