Grey Short Sleeve Vest Hoodie


Head over to Hot Topic now, because all hoodies are currently $10 off! It’s the perfect holiday sale! This is one of the many pieces being sold for just $18. It includes a waist belt, large decorative buttons, and two front pockets. Definitely edgy and fashionable – learn more about this 60/40 cotton poly blend over at Hot Topic!

Bape Grey Pattern Hoodie


Where else could we find a cool hoodie like this, aside from Bapemall? The grey allover print features some interesting symbols, most of which we aren’t able to discern from the small image posted on the website. But let’s face it – when it comes to Bape, does it really need to be understandable? Get this for $89.99 over at Bapemall!

Royal Plush Zip Front Hooded Jacket

royalRoyal Plush has just released some sketches for a new line of clothing! This snapshot is from the Fall 2009 Lifestyle collection, and it’s a series of sueded fleece zip front hooded jackets. You can see the symbol that will be printed across the front of each of them, which include coal, grey heather, mocoa, and olive backgrounds. Learn more over at Royal Plush!

Guess the Hoodied Celebrity!


Guess the hoodied celebrity! Stumped? Okay, I’ll reveal the answer. This is a pic of Scarlett Johansson as she made her way t0 a gym in West Hollywood. She reportedly worked out for about an hour, not that I’m obsessed with celebrities or anything. 😛 In any case, she looks amazing, especially with her stylish grey hoodie on!

Via: The Skinny Website