Hoodie with Crystal Embellishment


Royal Plush has decided to include the above piece in their Resort 2009 Lifestyle collection. This hoodie is made of crinkle cotton and features a luxurious crystal embellishment. Pick from four different colors – white, black, deep pink, or eggplant – and slip into this high class fashion symbol. Just head over to Royal Plush to learn more!

Iron Fist Green Robot Hoodie


We’re going back to the 80s with this neon green hoodie! The Iron Fist Robot hoodie from Hot Topic features a white and green screen print of a giant robot crushing a city. The image is place onto a black zip-up hoodie, with the cityscape continuing on the back with a green Iron Fist logo. The cool thing about this sweatshirt is that the hood is lined with neon green, which we definitely haven’t seen before. Grab one of these 80/20 cotton poly blends for $39 over at Hot Topic!

Customized Glam Girl Rhinestone Cupcake Hoodie

We were thrilled to see this new glittery cupcake hoodie from Customized Glam Girl! The cupcake is fashioned with over 1,000 jeweled rhinestones, which are applied to a 100% Cotton California Fleece hoodie. The sweatshirt comes from American Apparel Brand before having the rhinestones applied. It is light, comfy, and available in white, black, baby blue, baby pink, or heather grey. Get yours for $95.99 today from Customized Glam Girl!

Royal Plush Sequined Guitar Hoodie

This gorgeous hoodie from Royal Plush’s Fall 2008 collection is simply stunning. The sequined guitar is fashioned onto a dark black hoodie with matching drawstring pants. The front features a zip-up design with two front pockets, and the slinky, fitted style makes this hoodie sleek, stylish, and sophisticated. This piece is a must-have for any devoted fashionista. Pick it up today at Royal Plush!

Luxurious Royal Plush Patterned Hoodie

Royal Plush has become a favorite among our loyal readers, so we’re taking it upon ourselves to review another one of their unique pieces. This gorgeous hoodie is from Royal Plush’s Fall 2008 line, and features a black and grey patterned design. The extended length and fitted design make this quite an extraordinary piece, so check out Royal Plush now to get your hands on one of these before they’re all sold out!