Custom Embroidered Velour Zip Up Hoodie


Calling all dog lovers! This is the hoodie for you. The screen print lovingly depicts a pooch inside of a dog bone-secured mirror. You can choose the image from over a hundred small breed-specific dogs, and you can also choose the name underneath the mirror. Of course, you can also choose the colors of the picture, mirror, and letters. Order yours now for $34.99 over at Customized Glam Girl!

The Homework Evidence Sweatshirt



This hoodie is just too funny to pass up. It’s just the ticket for anyone who needs proof of an unfortunate incident. In the words of designer Glenn Jones,

Don’t really need to say much about this design, just one of those obvious themes that I hadn’t thought about before beacuse it’s so obvious. That’s why it works I guess. It was just important that the colour palette stayed as close to x-ray film as possible. A suggestion was made in the comments about using luminous ink with this, which I think could add to the theme.

Like all of the designs at Threadless, this screen print is lovingly made and ready to order. Get yours for $40 over at Threadless!

The Satan’s Little Helper Hoodie

This hoodie design from Olly Moss and Ross Zietz caught our eye immediately, for obvious reasons! The piece, aptly titled the “Satan’s Little Helper,” features an image of a three-headed dog complete with 666 dog tags. It’s created a lot of buzz around the blogs at Threadless, and subsequently, only XS hoodies are currently available for $40. Will they be restocked in other sizes? Voice your opinion over at Threadless!

I <3 My Puppy

Finding this hoodie confirmed our belief that Customized Glam Girl has some of the best pieces out there. This black fleece hoodie is custom-designed with rhinestones sewn in the shape of paw prints and words. The back can say pretty much anything you want it to, like “I love my malti-poo Daisy,” or whatever. Crafted from 80% Combed Ring Spun Cotton Fleece, this hoodie is sure to keep you comfy through those long winter nights and keep you stylish at that. Get yours for just $59.99 over at Customized Glam Girl!

I Heart My Dog Hoodies

Customized Glam Girl Hoodies is now offering a new line of I Heart My Dog sweatshirts. These 50/50 cotton poly blends can be customized with the name and picture of your favorite doggie, and also give you the option of choosing your own fabric and text color. This awesome pull-over hoodie is a must for any devoted pet parent! Get it now for just $34.95 at Customized Glam Girl.