Custom Khloe-Inspired Embroidered Zip-Up Sports Hoodie


This new creation from Customized Glam Girl was apparently inspired by newlywed Khloe Kardashian. She and her bridesmaids wore embroidered zip hoodies in a purple and gold color combination that said “Mr. and Mrs. Odom” for the big day. Khloe obviously used the LA Lakers colors as her inspiration, but you can pick your own color combo when you order. Design yours now for only $31.99 over at Customized Glam Girl!

Glam Girl Custom Two-Tone Hoodie


Our friends over at Customized Glam Girl have done it again! This may appear to be a simple pullover hoodie, but we love the double entendre of the sample picture. Who doesn’t remember Bayside High from the iconic 90s series Saved by the Bell? And how can you resist this simple design, which allows you to customize the color of the letters, letter border, and hoodie itself? If it seems to be too good to be true, get one for yourself for just $39.99 over at Customized Glam Girl.

The Scarlet Letter Hoodie


Just the description of this hoodie made us laugh:

Not many people know this but The Scarlet Letter was actually a book first . . . . . .

Bringing the old literary classic back in style, the red letter A printed on a carefully chosen hoodie (you can choose from over 1200 color combinations) can definitely ramp up your sense of style. Just go for a high-contrast design, like a brown letter on a baby blue hoodie, and you can’t go wrong! Get it for just $39.99 over at Neighborhoodies!

Custom Inked Up Thermal Zip Hoodie


We’re happy to bring to you this BRAND NEW hoodie from the folks over at Customized Glam Girl! Aptly titled the Custom Inked Up Thermal Zip Hoodie, this design features an incredibly detailed image of flowers on the front and angel wings on the back. There is also a phrase written in rhinestones across the bottom of the hoodie, which can be customized to say whatever you’d like. We’re impressed! Order yours now for just $44.99 over at Customized Glam Girl!

Looking For a Custom Summer Games Hoodie?


Whoa! Can I just say that I’m totally impressed by the redesign over at Customized Glam Girl? Not only do they have hoodies now, but they have a whole line of accessories, pet wear, and intimates. And the website is completely hot and redesigned now. Bravo, CGG!

Okay, okay, now on to the hoodies. This sweatshirt seems to have experienced a birth along with the redesign, and we’re happy to showcase the results. This Custom Summer Games hoodie allows you to print your name and initials on the sweatshirt. We especially love the placement of the initials, which appear on the top of the hood. Very cute, and very affordable at just $25.31. Check it out for yourself over at Customized Glam Girl!

Dinosaur Hoodies: The Next Generation in Customizable Sweatshirts

This marks the first installment of a new feature we have on In The Hoodie, which is called ‘Hugs, Shaina.’ This new addition will address any interesting letters we receive, along with a (hopefully) witty and informative response from me, the resident blogger.

Today, we respond to a letter from Jeff, an ITH newbie:


I found your blog via google the other day. The post it actually came to was the Purple People Eater hoodie made by Monster Hoodies. I searched your blog after and “dinosaur” did not come up. I was astonished because dinosaurs… if I must say myself are pretty sweet. Incase you wanted to see some dinosaur hoodies check out my website, . Even though the main focus is dinosaurhoodies we also offer a speciality shark hoodie that was done specifically for a loyal customer. Images can be found under the “pictures” tab.

Thanks for your time,
(I never thought my obsession with hoodies could be matched.)


Dear Jeff,

Hello! Thank goodness you stumbled upon our website, as we are clearly kindred spirits. I think it’s safe to say that our love for MonsterHoodies will now be extended to the team over at DinosaurHoodies. The vision..the design..the creativity..I’m in awe! I’m also quite intrigued by your special-edition shark hoodie, which appears on your website in all its glory. For now, we will post this picture as a tribute to your designs, and will be sure to review them in more detail at a later date.



The Rhinestone Cheerleader Hoodie

Cheerleaders now have a way to proudly display their athletic pride. Customized Glam Girl is giving customers the opportunity to personalize the text on the front, which is fashioned with glimmering rhinestones. The comfy hoodie is crafted from 80% combed ring-spun cotton fleece, and is currently going for $59.99. Check it out for yourself over at Customized Glam Girl!

Custom Tailored Hoodies – Review of Urban Tailor

Urban Tailor offers fashionable and unique hoodies that are ready to purchase or you can create your own custom tailored hoodie. You can choose features of the hoodie including inner fabric, rib fabric, body fabric. sleeve fabric, hood fabric. hood size, rib length, buttons / zippers, pockets, and your Urban Tailor logo placement. You select all of these details and enter your body measurements or the exact measurements you want the hoodie to have. Urban Tailor creates a pattern by hand, cuts the fabric and sews your personalized hoodie. Custom cut hoodies are shipped within 14 days and ship from Thailand so it might take a total of 4 weeks from order to doorstep. They aren’t cheap with a starting price of $140 but for a custom tailored hoodie it is actually a bargain. They are the first to offer this type of service online and we will definitely be following them closely to see how it works out with them.

Urban Hoodie

Urban Tailor was founded in 2007 and the brand focuses on high quality, innovation, ethical manufacturing, and individual styles. Read more about Urban Hoodie at and