The Bape Shark Hoodie

Calling all fans of Bapemall! We just discovered this hilarious Bape shark hoodie, which is also available in red and black. The hoodie is made of warm, heavy material and features two shark eyes on the hood. It also comes with a zip up-front, two front pockets, and rib knit sleeves and hem. Funny? Yes. Intimidating? You decide. Grab one for yourself over at Bapemall!

Bathing Ape Black Bapemall Hoodie

Check out this new Bathing Ape hoodie pullover from Bapemall! The piece features a rainbow ape design  printed on a black hoodie complete with ribbed cuffs and hem. The words “A Bathing Ape” are written across the front, and although we don’t fully understand the slogan, we’re still digging the design. =) The picture is eerily 2001: A Space Odyssey-esque, which has to count for something, right? In any case, grab one of your own for $89.99 over at Bapemall!

BapeMall Army Green King hoodie

We’re loving this colorful hoodie from the folks over at BapeMall. The black fabric features an allover cosmic print complete with blasts, moons, and UFOs. A zip-up front and comfy kangaroo pockets make this a totally wearable and stylish piece. Not to mention, the company is offering a free shipping deal right now on all orders. Grab yours for just $89.99 over at BapeMall before they’re all sold out!

BapeMall Chain Pattern Hoodie

It seems like the folks over at BapeMall are getting more creative every day. This Bape chain pattern hoodie features impeccable style and design, while also providing the warmth you need on a chilly fall afternoon. The white and black color scheme provides a great contrast, and the zip-up front and pockets make the hoodie ultra functional and comfortable. Get your chain pattern hoodie for just $89.99 over at BapeMall!

Bape Chompers Hoodie Eats the Competition

This Bape Chompers Red hoodie from Bapemall is pretty awesome, in our opinion. The teeth lining down the sides of the zipper are hilarious, and we love that the front zips goes all the way up to the top of the hood. Bapemall can always be counted on to deliver quirky, original designs with comfortable cuts and fabrics. Get this hoodie for $89.99 at Bapemall!