In Case of Zombies Hoodie



Thanks to this hoodie, you’ll know what to do in case of a zombie attack. We couldn’t zoom in on the image close enough to tell what the text at the bottom says, but we assume it comprises several handy tips that can be utilized in the presence of zombies. Now that’s functionality! Printed on a heather grey American Apparel hoodie, you can get this for just $40 over at Threadless.

Monster Kun Hoodie


Watch out, cause this hoodie bites! Quite literally, in fact. The Monster Kun hoodie from Monsterhoodies appears above in all of its decked out glory, which includes teeth and googly eyes hand-sewn onto a brown American Apparel fleece zip hoodie. This design is so popular that mediums are sold out right now..bummer. Reserve yours fast for just $49.99 over at Monsterhoodies!

The Piggy Bank Heist Hoodie from Threadless



Isn’t this hoodie hilarious? The Piggy Bank Heist sweatshirt from Threadless features the above picture printed on an asphalt-colored American Apparel hoodie. Hey, wouldn’t you drop some coins if you were approached by those two dudes? Funny, cool, and original – all of the things we look for in a premium hoodie. Check it for $40 over at Threadless.

The Beginning Hoodie

Aptly titled The Beginning hoodie, this design features an image of a young batman running over a stuffed penguin. The crafty play on words makes for a funny picture and an even more hilarious hoodie! The design is printed on an Asphalt American Apparel zip-up hoody, which features side pockets and a drawstring hood. Get yours for just $40 over at Threadless!