Baby Beckham Sports a White Hoodie


Even the Beckhams dress their children in hoodies! The above picture was snapped as the family returned home from the UK after the holidays. Once in LA, the Beckhams chose to dress their son in a stark white zip-up hoodie as they swiftly ushered their children through the airport. Is this group down-to-earth or what?


Bradley Cooper’s Zip-Up Hoodie


Hangover star Bradley Cooper was recently seen sporting a navy blue zip-up hoodie along with the classic “deer in headlights” look. Bradley was dropping his mom and dad off at the airport when this picture was snapped. It’s unfortunate that such a private moment was captured by the paparazzi, but we can at least compliment Bradley on his choice of casual wear if nothing else.

Via: Splash News

Dakota Fanning Layers a White Hoodie


The beautiful Dakota Fanning has definitely grown into a mature woman. This outfit, which features a black dress, white hoodie, and brown leather jacket is surprisingly dressy for a simple trip to the airport. Dakota was apparently on her way home in this photo – all of her scenes for Eclipse are done shooting in Vancouver. Can’t wait to see them..only a month and a half left!

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Ashley Tisdale’s Airport Hoodie

Ashley Tisdale

Ashley Tisdale was spotted at an airport in Los Angeles with a little pooch wrapped in pink. Her dog Blondie is a maltipoo, and quite cute I might add! Ashley likes to go comfy on planes – what a smart girl. This oversized white zip-up hoodie looks amazingly cozy. Nice outfit, Ashley!

Via: INF Daily

Gavin Rossdale’s Traveling Hoodie

Old-school rocker Gavin Rossdale was spotted wandering around the Washington D.C. airport after playing in a concert over the weekend. Rossdale donned a gray pullover hoodie and black vest for the jaunt, which look great when paired with his awesome sneakers. So his outfit is spot on, but the only thing we’re left wondering is – where are the wife and kids?

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Seth Green Wears Hoodie to LAX

Seth Green was spotted at LAX on Sunday rocking this simple grey hoodie. Due to his lack of work recently, we’re betting this isn’t a designer brand. It’s a shame too, cause he’s an awesome actor. His current unemployment has also given way to a scruffy look, apparently, as he sports a beard, mustache, hat, and shades. Whatevs – I guess if you make millions of dollars on a few movies in your 20’s, that translates into a pretty boring decade in your 30’s.

Via: I’m Not Obsessed

Jessica Simpson In Purple Hoodie

Pop singer and Newlyweds star Jessica Simpson was seen leaving LAX last week wearing this zip-up purple hoodie. We’re not sure what brand it is, although it appears to have some sort of symbol in the upper right corner. Simpson usually goes glam even when out running errands, but seeing that she was fresh off the airplane when this was pic taken, we can understand the casual look.

Via: The Skinny Website