The Easy Steps Hoodie



Easy as pie, right? This Easy Steps hoodie from Threadless depicts the act of breakdancing in three simple stages. If you have trouble with the last step, designer Pascal Rivet says, “for those of you who may think they still need practice after that, I also give private dance lessons.” Get this hoodie for $40 over at Threadless!

Stylish Wrap Jacket Hoodie


This hoodie wrap jacket is ready and waiting for you! Choose from black, deep pink, eggplant, navy, or olive for the main color, but no matter what you pick, you’ll still get the awesome peace sign in the center of the back. This 90% sueded cotton and 10% lycra piece can be purchased for an undisclosed amount over at Royal Plush!

Children’s Quirky Twizzler Hoodie


Neighborhoodies isn’t just about adults – it’s about kids too! These twizzler hoodies are perfect for your little ones. This 100% cotton zip-up hoodie is a must have for anybody who may not be tall enough to see above the counter. From the hipster toddler scene to the disaffected pre-teen set, the Twizzler covers it all in a blanket of sheer cool. Get one for just $24.99 from Neighborhoodies!

Red Meanie Hoodie Fails to Impress


The folks over at have been under fire recently for not updating their inventory. How long can we be amused by a simple zip-up sweatshirt outfitted with glued eyes and teeth? Has enough time gone by that we’re ready for something new? One thing is for sure: this company is not interested in pleasing its customers. For this reason, it makes sense that all hoodies have been reduced to just $35 over at MonsterHoodies.

Tripp Snap Front Hoodie Rings in the New Year

Happy New Year to our beloved followers! 2010 promises to be an amazing time of growth and renewal, and this design is perfect for those desiring to start the new year off with a bang. Eternally spunky, it is a short-sleeved creation featuring pyramid stud snaps and strap accents. It’s 100% cotton, so it’s sure to keep you warm and comfy throughout these cold winter months. Grab this hoodie for just $38 over at Hot Topic!

Tea Collection Bjorn Sweater Hoodie


The holidays are over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still get a nice warm sweater hoodie for that little guy in your life! This Bjorn hoodie from Tea Collection is made from 100% extra soft Pima cotton and comes in the color Spruce with yellow-lined trim. Get it on sale for just $39 over at Hoodie People!

Ecko Reversible Coat of Arms Hoodie


The description printed on the Ecko website describes this hoodie perfectly:

You can have whatever you like. This Ecko hoodie has a large crest design in front on one side; embossed faux suede on the the other. Zip-front with hood, kangaroo pocket, striped rib knit sleeve cuffs and hem. Fully lined and plumped with polyester fiberfill.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves! Grab this 80/20 cotton poly blend for $88 over at Ecko!

Custom Star Studded Sweatshirt


A very merry Christmas to our Christian followers! We hope the holiday finds you in good cheer. On this special day, we’re featuring a custom star studded sweatshirt from Custom Glam Girl. This hoodie allows you to choose the color of the fabric, color of the ink, and the words that are printed across the front. Think of the choices! This hoodie is also on sale for $27.64 right now, so grab one over at Custom Glam Girl!

Bape Batman Hoodie


With last year’s smash hit The Dark Knight completely blowing away box office records, there couldn’t be a better time to grab this Batman hoodie from Bape! The unique thing about this hoodie is that the zipper goes all the way up to the top of the hood, allowing you complete comfort and privacy during these frigid winter months. Get this hoodie for $89.99 over at Bape Mall!

Ambition Killed the Cat Hoodie


It’s true; ambition killed the cat. This awesome design is proof of that! According to the designer of this hoodie (via Threadless), “this is dedicated to Dudley, who is thankfully not stupid enough to go chasing birds on a wire.” I wonder what that means?? Hoodies are selling for only $25 over there right now, so grab one while you still can! Click here to learn more.