Skull and Dagger Short Sleeve Hoodie


Check out an online exclusive from Hot Topic! This short sleeve hoodie features a skull and dagger applique with red argyle stitching. Even though you can’t exactly see the hood from this picture, we swear it’s there! Get this unique 100% cotton zip-up top for $34 over at Hot Topic.

Hugh Jackman Wears Hoodies Too!


If the suave Hugh Jackman can wear a hoodie and still look classy, there is definitely hope for the rest of us! This pic was snapped after Hugh got a sharp new haircut, and his clean gray zip-up hoodie looks great with its white drawstrings. The actor recently released a statement that a new Wolverine movie will be shot in Japan, set to release in late 2011.

Via: Splash News

Jessica Simpson’s Messy Hair Hoodie


Poor Jessica Simpson – can someone get this girl a new stylist and hair and makeup crew? This getup is just all wrong. We’re willing to forgive the no-makeup look because Jess is such a natural beauty, and that green hoodie looks pretty cool. But what is up with her hair and shoes? Where is Ken Paves when you need him?


Latoya Dons a Santa Hoodie Dress


Santa Claus hoodie-style! This pic was snapped as Latoya Jackson arrived to give toys to families affected by HIV/AIDS. She donned a Santa dress complete with a stocking cap hood and tall knee-high boots. This is a very nice look for her – we love to see celebs getting into the Christmas spirit with their hoodies!

Via: Splash News

Royal Plush Wrap Jacket Hoodie


This psychedelic wrap hoodie is all you need to keep warm during these cold winter months! Made of 90% sueded cotton and 10% lycra, this design comes in a wide range of colors. The above picture shows a pink/olive/eggplant design, but the rest of the choices all feature white mixed with black, eggplant, fuchsia, navy, or olive (you can also pick eggplant/olive). Learn more over at Royal Plush!

Lily Allen’s Crocheted Hoodie


24-year-old singer Lily Allen was spotted in this gorgeous grey hoodie/shawl the other day. The crocheted design sure looks warm! Allen is rumored to be moving out of her North London home for a $2.1 million dollar country cottage. She recently quit music and has moved on to being an actress and launching a record label.

Via: Splash News

Bravo Real Housewives Hoodie


In light of the recent popularity of The Real Housewives series on Bravo, Royal Plush has designed a new line of clothing that is being sold at The above piece is a great example of the collection – a 3/4 length hoodie with crystal embellishment on the sleeves. These are going for $140 right now, so check out Shop by Bravo to learn more!

The Free Bird Surfista Hoodie



The Free Bird Surfista lightweight pullover hoodie is an awesome fashion statement from Public Library. On the front is a screen print of an owl, and on the back are the words “Free to Be.” The batwing sleeves are wide and flowing, and the kangaroo pocket is sleek and slouchy. Get this 100% cotton hoodie for $68 over at Karmaloop!

Grey Short Sleeve Vest Hoodie


Head over to Hot Topic now, because all hoodies are currently $10 off! It’s the perfect holiday sale! This is one of the many pieces being sold for just $18. It includes a waist belt, large decorative buttons, and two front pockets. Definitely edgy and fashionable – learn more about this 60/40 cotton poly blend over at Hot Topic!

Royal Plush Wrap Hoodie Robe


This hoodie is so cool that we simply can’t resist showing it to you. The wrap hoodie robe/jacket/top comes in five different colors: black, deep pink, eggplant (pictured), navy, and olive. It features a tied front with pockets and a peace sign on the back. The fitted design is gorgeous, comfortable, and optimistically stylish. Learn more about this 90/10 sueded cotton lycra blend over at Royal Plush!