Paul Frank Julius iPod Headphones Hoodie


What’s not to love about Paul Frank? His Julius monkey logo is one of the most famous symbols in American fashion. He’s up with the times too, as this hoodie is equipped with headphones that run through its colorful drawstrings. They connect to a small hidden front pocket with a built-in mp3 jack for your iPod or MP3 player.  As the website says, “Rock out to your music with Julius!” Get yours for only $36 over at Hoodie People!

2 thoughts on “Paul Frank Julius iPod Headphones Hoodie

  1. all my friendshave this hoodie in teens or childrens and it rlly anoiying, an i don’t kniw were to buy them if any one know’s were to get one email me at
    if u know were to get this hoodie plz email me

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