Orlando Bloom Wears Hoodie at LAX

Hottie actor Orlando Bloom was spotted wearing this navy blue hoodie while exiting LAX on Friday. Bloom reportedly found his greeter and entered his limo immediately after getting off the plane. This hoodie looks great when paired with dark blue jeans and aviator shades. We’re also loving the slightly tousled hairdo…very nice, Orlando.

Via: Splash News

Madonna Spotted in Black Velour Hoodie

Legendary singing icon Madonna was spotted in this black velour track suit earlier today. Madonna was out sight-seeing in Athens, Greece when this pic was taken. Madonna is holding hands with her adopted son David and walking with her biological sons Lourdes and Rocco, but her husband Guy Ritchie is nowhere to be seen. In our opinion, Madonna looks great, and should cover up like this more often. These days, it seems like she’s either strutting around stage with barely a swimsuit on, or walking around town covered in head-to-toe black. Except for her bright yellow hair, of course.

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Customized Glam Girl Skull Hoodie

Looking for a new edgy sweatshirt to add to your collection of punk wear? We suggest this skull hoodie from Customized glam Girl. You can choose the text below the skull and crossbones to say anything you want, and also choose the hoodie color and ink color when you order. We’d also like to point out that this hoodie features a heart skull and crossbones symbol on the arm, which you can see more clearly on the website. Get it for just $33.95 over at Customized Glam Girl!

Fake Pandas Have More Fun

This hoodie design from Threadless was so unique that we knew we had to post it right away. The picture features three children in a giraffe boat in front of a very large panda. We’re not quite sure how to make sense of it, but we do know that it’s absolutely adorable. Check out the Threadless website to see pictures of happy owners enjoying their Fake Panda hoodies, and get your own for $40 over at Threadless!

Jessica Louise Pink Bear Hoodie from Hot Topic

This new Jessica Louise pink bear hoodie from Hot Topic caught our eye immediately. The hot pink zip-up hoodie features black and white striped bear ears and pockets, which are trimmed with gorgeous black lace. The small patches on the top left are a cat and a skull and crossbones, if you can’t see them clearly in the image. This hoodie is 100% cotton and completely machine washable. Get it for just $36 over at Hot Topic!

Dish Hoodies All the Rage

Check out this brand new product: Dish Hoodie satellite dish covers! These items are designed to protect the outside of your satellite dish, while also adding some color to your home and showing your team spirit. These dish hoodies fit a wide variety of dish sizes, and their fade resistant material will ensure that they stay looking bright. They have no effect on your satellite signal, and feature an easy back drawstring closure. For more information about how to get your hands on one, visit the Dish Hoodie website.

Bebo Hoodie Fan Group Reaches 58,718 Members

Yep, you read correctly. The Bebo group Hoodie Lovers 4 Ever has just reached a record number of 58,718 members. The group’s webpage features pictures and videos of members in their favorite hoodies, forums for users to discuss hoodies in, and blogs on the topic of hoodie wearing. There’s even a hoodie poll on the homepage! We wish we would have discovered this group a long time ago – it’s the perfect place for anyone crazy about hoodies.

The group moderator sums up the group thusly:

“Okay, we are here to start a group for all the HOODIE FREAKS! And when we mean freaks, we don’t mean you only have one hoodie that you wear only during winter. lol. We mean MAJOR L-O-V-E.”

The page also includes the quotes “Hoodies are life. Duh?” and “Pete Wentz is the king of all hoodies!” We couldn’t agree more. Rock on, hoodie lovers.

Via: Bebo

Anna Kournikova Wears Hoodie to Malibu Triathlon

Tennis player Anna Kournikova was spotted wearing this black zip-up hoodie to the Malibu Marathon last week. Who knew that Anna was an expert at running, biking, AND swimming in addition to tennis? We’re hoping that she did fairly well, especially since she appears to be quite thin in this picture. The black and pink combination looks pretty great on her, especially with the addition of the necklace and sunglasses.

Via: The Skinny Website

Nicollette Sheridan Spotted in Gray Zip-up Hoodie

Desperate Housewives star Nicollette Sheridan was seen leaving a salon in Beverly Hills last week wearing this gray zip-up hoodie. The fitted hoodie design and low-cut jeans really highlight how thin and in shape Nicollette is, and we love the combination of pink and gray. Looking good, Nicollette! Fans should know that the new season of Desperate Housewives also starts this Sunday, if they want to see the popular actress in action.

Via: The Skinny Website

Ecko Warlord Hoodie Catches Our Eye

The aesthetics of this new Warlord Hoodie from Ecko made us stop dead in our tracks. We couldn’t believe how intricate the front design was, and we loved the attractive color contrast. The hoodie features a screenprint charging rhinos image on 100% French terry cotton. The zip-up front and kangaroo pockets enhance the functionality of the piece, while the raw edges on the pockets and hood make a bold fashion statement. Order this hoodie in either brown or black over at Ecko for just $68!