Who Killed Obama Hoodie – Tasteless? Racist? Art?

A Who Killed Obama hoodie was spotted in the window of Apollo Braun at 193 Orchard Street on the Lower East Side in New York. Doron Braunshtein, a.k.a. Apollo Braun explained to a reporter that he supports Obama but is just expressing what he feels everyone is talking about on a t-shirt. Braun believes the Who Killed Obama hoodie is a form of performance art and “it all relates to his “opposites theory,” which is about the clash of different motifs to cause something to new to be created. ‘I’m very punk rock,’ Braun explains”. Braun T-shirts and hoodies aren’t cheap because they are one of a kind. His products sell for $129-$250. As a result of the Who Killed Obama sweatshirt Braun claims that he’s received hundreds of calls and some death threats from Obama supporters. According to Braun “They don’t understand what I’m doing. They think I’m spreading hate.”

Who Killed Obama

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7 thoughts on “Who Killed Obama Hoodie – Tasteless? Racist? Art?

  1. This t shirt is really ludricris.It is very upsetting. If you support someone “supposedly” why send out a message such as that. This goes to say that racism still lives on today. They may smile or even grin in your face but in the back of their mind their saying,
    “I really can’t stand those (black)people.”
    It is a really sad affair. Everyone should come together but instead you are seeing peoples’ true colors and it isn’t a nice piece of art.

  2. The hoodie is in bad taste.. BUT its Obama and those who {Cough} worship at his now X church which spews anti-White…Anti-Israel/Jews rhetoric that people also should be also up in arms about and others who feel the same way towards whites. How can this man in good faith lead our country??

    No one goes to any religious congregation for 20 years as Obama has done unless they agree with whats being taught from the pulpit.

  3. Come on to everyone who uses the Rev Wright thing, the man went to church and his pastor said something that was not what he believed in. I don’t know exactly what Rev. Wright said, but apparently, Obama said he disagrees.
    Obama is not just a black man, half his family is white and he is 50% white so he is JUST AS WHITE AS HE IS BLACK IF NOT IN APPEANCE< THEN DNA.. The grandma he loved so much was white so stop this bull crap you are spewing. That man is decent and he hates no one. WHy can’t you just disagree with some of his views on politics and leave it at that? I can say McCain proved himself to be a decent man. I am against his politics, but I would never wish death on him. SIckos, I swear!

  4. Look at how many fuckin retards posted here.

    Wow. This hoodie isn’t racist. You’re all fucking morons.

    It’s hilarious. It’s also smart, for anyone who gets it.

    Good piece of work, but too basic looking.

  5. Racism? Hardly. But then anything anti-Obama is considered racism now. Don’t like some of his policies? It’s because of racism, not his policies.
    Art? Not really. The shirt is political commentary.
    I think of it as wishful thinking. I would think the same if it had been of GW Bush as well.
    But…there is the difference. If I had worn the shirt with Bush on it I would have been labelled as hateful. With Obama on it I would have been labeled as racist.

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