Custom Tailored Hoodies – Review of Urban Tailor

Urban Tailor offers fashionable and unique hoodies that are ready to purchase or you can create your own custom tailored hoodie. You can choose features of the hoodie including inner fabric, rib fabric, body fabric. sleeve fabric, hood fabric. hood size, rib length, buttons / zippers, pockets, and your Urban Tailor logo placement. You select all of these details and enter your body measurements or the exact measurements you want the hoodie to have. Urban Tailor creates a pattern by hand, cuts the fabric and sews your personalized hoodie. Custom cut hoodies are shipped within 14 days and ship from Thailand so it might take a total of 4 weeks from order to doorstep. They aren’t cheap with a starting price of $140 but for a custom tailored hoodie it is actually a bargain. They are the first to offer this type of service online and we will definitely be following them closely to see how it works out with them.

Urban Hoodie

Urban Tailor was founded in 2007 and the brand focuses on high quality, innovation, ethical manufacturing, and individual styles. Read more about Urban Hoodie at and

Monster Hoodies – Dress Like a Shark, Dinosaur, Cat or Monster

Whether you wear these around town, for a special occasion, or even for Halloween you are sure to get attention. Monster Hoodies currently carriers four different styles of hoodies including a shark, dinosaur, cat, and a monster. Monster Hoodies is located in NYC and started in 2007. The founders originally created these hoodies to spice up their own sweatshirts. As with most good ideas when people start asking where you got them then it is time to start a business. Get your own monster hoodie at $49.99.

Monster Hoodies

Visit Monster Hoodies for more information. Thanks to Why Me for highlighting the company.

Printed Hoodies are Not Just a Fashion Fad recently chastised the idea of wearing oversized printed hoodies. While I personally don’t find OVERSIZED clothing my choice of clothes there has actually been a lot of progress in the world of printed hoodies. Are there ugly hoodies out there? Of course there are, but I don’t think its fair too generalize about ALL printed hoodies. Print technology really has made it possible for a much wider range of prints and the ability to create a variety of hoodies at a reasonable cost that are as individual as the people who wear them.

Do you think that printed hoodies are part of a short fashion fad or are they here to stay? I hope this blogger is wrong and they don’t do down in history with the M.C. Hammer parachute pants.